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  1. I've got for sale front shock from eurocarparts which have covered about 1000 miles, rear shocks are original from Lupo but a bit tattie looking, comes with fk lowering springs, about 1000 miles done as well, springs lower car about 55mm front & 40mm rear £50 located in Darvel, Ayrshire near Kilmarnock
  2. http://www.fk-shop.de/en/Tuning/Suspension-Tuning/Lowering-springs/Lowering-Springs-VW-Lupo-not-3L-Fr-Bk-ca-55-40-mm.html?cur=1&filterVehicle+Model=Lupo&verbose=true&catalog=true&searchparam=*&fnc=ajaxListLoader&cnid=9eacae300912a3d256975e94679a8793 this is what I've got on mine, if your bolts have never been touched since new it could be tough work, i had to cut the bolts off the front and get new ones, also i had to buy new front shocks as the were you put the allen key burst, in the end i have all new front suspension, handling is great now, manage speed bumps fine, no body roll anymore £42.46 55mm/40mm impact gun makes it a lot easier
  3. is there anyone out there that can tell me what the gear linkage part is, iv got a 1.0 lupo which only selects 3rd & 4th, need to adjust the linkage before i maybe look at the gearbox, if anyone has any pics for helping me that would be brilliant, if i cant get it to work after this im gonna end up putting it up for sale, 2 youngs kids, not practical but i love it
  4. i managed to get under the car today to have a look and see things better, ive found a leak from my power steering, i know this because my power steering tank is empty, the bottom of the car next to the drivers side wheel is soaked in the oil the bottom of the gearbox is covered in oil, not sure if its the power steering oil rickpercy87 - i can select select reverse, 3rd and 4th so will check all bolts and try adjust the bolts for the selector https://www.dropbox.com/s/4lr2yqq1h72zaju/2013-04-21%2014.19.33.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/cywuvhx83dpicmc/2013-04-21%2014.19.14.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/o2aqops0qmv0o0q/2013-04-21%2014.19.10.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/gu3wppyvjssf2vd/2013-04-21%2014.18.47.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/bvxt3s99otfc2pa/2013-04-21%2013.42.49.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/nx7cngpcokrn9s0/2013-04-21%2013.42.41.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/j2pdm0klfx2jb25/2013-03-13%2021.33.13.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/rkkbyt8nbvx7vvd/2013-03-13%2021.33.11.jpg
  5. thanks truCido i checked the elsawin software for a guide, it says you need a 3192 Gear stick jig to adjust it i can loosen the nuts but when it comes to the gear stick adjusting i require a jig cheers again i will let you know how i get on
  6. thanks for the reply, not sure what part you mean, i had a look on the elsawin software, do you know of any specific parts of it i should check
  7. hi everyone, im new to the vw lupo, just bought one to try fix up, not bothered about how much its gonna cost to fix, its a project so heres my problems i have a similar problem as a previous post - Gearbox problems [uPDATED] Leaking! pics! ** same pics as this person but no putty stuff on mine also ** when i try to select a gear it doesnt work, only 3rd and 4th work if i try to select 1st, it then slides into the centre into 3rd if i try to select 2nd, it then slides into the centre into 4th i noticed the gear selector rod under the car, the socket had worn and the person had just cable tied it on got a new bit but still the same problem if you drive the car you can move off in 3rd, i have it up on ramps with the front bumper off at the moment so i can access it a bit better, im gonna remove the exhaust system next to get access to the gear selector cables as this might be my next part to check before replacing the gearbox i have the elsawin software for reference when taking the car apart please if anyone could help me get it touch cheers dave
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