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  1. Ah poop, it sounded worth doing. I'm not going to do it just for the sake of it, for a placebo effect, access looks like a bit of a git in the A2. I know there's not so much to do to an AUA, I wouldn't spend much on it, the money's better saved for it's replacement. A Polo GTI 1.6 is easy and obvious but I'm thinking by the time an engine is bought and refreshed I might be better off with a 1.4 tsi 122.
  2. I've read of this little tweak and the midrange gains sound handy. Is it just plug and play? Is the standard ok with it? Anything else to think of such as egr or whatever? As an aside, I'll be doing this to an A2. On the inlet they have a resonance box (I guess) before the tb that mounts to the top of the inlet manifold and goes to the air filter that is mounted underneath the driver's side headlight. I don't know if that would be helpful or workable on a Lupo/Arosa. Thanks
  3. ^^^ How did you get on with this? From what you've said there it sounds like the tb wasn't adapted to the ecu. How's it running now and what difference did it make? Thanks
  4. I remember this car from a few years ago also, I think I helped source a gearbox for it.
  5. One I've still got to do, I should have been there last bank hol but it didn't work out
  6. A pair of pop-outs rear side windows with rubers, hinges and new bolts. £75 Collection from Bluewater, Kent.
  7. I've got a set of Arosa Sport 15" wheels, brand new and boxed with brand new centre caps. Googling a pic to put up mostly brings up cars on the forum so here's a general link...I'm sure everyone knows whatthey're like though! http://www.google.co.uk/search?tbm=isch&hl=en&source=hp&biw=1680&bih=968&q=arosa+sport+15%22&gbv=2&oq=arosa+sport+15%22&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&gs_sm=s&gs_upl=0l0l0l2047l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0ll0l0 Collection from Bluewater, Kent though I'll travel a bit to drop them off and a bit further if you pay fuel etc to do so. They're in the original boxes so ready to go if you want to send a courier. £300
  8. Iirc the cd for a std Lup is .32 and .3 for a 3l. I averaged 48mpg in my 1.0 Arosa, the same I get from my Passat tdi but I was tending to have more fun in the Arosa (and Bola's a more interesting colour).
  9. Mpg wise I'm getting 50mpg, down to 49mpg last weekend after queuing to get into Biggin Hill (three-up with a boot full and more stuff on the back seat. The 1.0 coped well, it's hilly in those parts and it scooted about quite happily and better than I thought it would tbh). There'll be a few threads on here for things to look out for but basically pedal box probs/ door hinges/catches and the normal things you'd look for with any car.
  10. I'm not sure about Rapide but this thread seems as random as Rapido.
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