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  1. Nathan_S

    Over due picture time

    SOLD served me well - i will miss her! apart from the engine giving up but that was quite a fun project to fix! and it makes room for my new car: thanks for making my short stay very welcome!! Cheers Nathan
  2. Nathan_S

    V-Power in a 1.0

    undo the two allen key bolts on the dizzy and rotate it anticlockwise a little and test fire! mine had this problem but this fixed it
  3. Nathan_S

    de badge grill for a mk1

    i have one for sale £25 http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=49395 thanks
  4. Nathan_S

    New Seat Arosa Sport

    at the end of the day its what you want regardless of what others think! With a £450 budget on wheels i'd say you could get some nice BBS or neat wide 13" wheels As for lowering Nearly everyone will suggest coilovers they are more expensive but you can lower it exactly the amount you want! with out knackering your shocks (because you'd have removed them ) lowering springs shorten the life of your shocks! hope that helps
  5. i'd start by buying a standard Male ISO plug from halfords! with loose wires on the other end and then conect them up! i believe all the wires with stripes are speakers! :S Cant you still book it in at halfords? they'll do it!
  6. sounds a bit like mine so it could be: ignition timing (THIS FIXED MINE! and was free and took 10 mins if you local to birmingham i can have a look for you ) spark plugs/ leads bad earth good luck!
  7. Nathan_S

    car stalling

    as far as i know there isnt an idle control valve adjusment thats what i was looking for at first but its all ECU!! i changed the engine in mine including swapping over the distributor the car would stall when ever it was idling used to happen quicker with more electrics on though i just loosened the distrubutor turned it about 30* anti-clockwise and tested it and it was great everything worked as it should! cheers Nathan
  8. Nathan_S

    car stalling

    Hey guys it's all fixed! and cost zero pounds.... All i did waqs retard the ignition timing by about 30* feel a bit silly for not doin it earlier though...... only took about 10 mins thanks for the help tho guys! cheers Nathan
  9. Nathan_S

    Debadging grille

    the mk1 has a little dip where the s goes i guess they mean that i just cleaned mine and left it
  10. Nathan_S

    Arosa front lights

    we're talking about the lights not the kit! the kit was for sale for £25 yes but not the lights...
  11. Nathan_S

    Arosa front lights

    you can get the morette ones for the mk1 they split the main and dipped beams up. not cheap though about £200
  12. Nathan_S

    car stalling

    i will check it but i think it is in place!! the next thing is too change the HT leads!!
  13. Nathan_S

    car stalling

    timing belt was already on! i did out the distributer cap on myself...... as best i could performance wise its better than the old one so i dont think the cap is out too far if it is. ye when it behaves for a short while the idle is around the 1k mark! im gonna change the plugs in a bit. never stalls if the revs are kept up! at the lights i have to either blip the throttle every few moments or keep it revving as low as i dare. cheers for the help Nathan
  14. Nathan_S

    car stalling

    both checked and working fine!
  15. hey guys after my engine change my car keeps stalling when idling it happens quicker with electrics on such as lights etc. its not earths as i've checked them sanded then down etc. could it be spark plugs? as i havent changed them they are the ones that came with the engine. anybody got any ideas? i spoke to a mechanic he said that sometimes the ecu needs to learn about the engine but it shouldnt take 3 weeks should it? cheers Nathan

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