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  1. Amber the pic in your sig is it taken at asda Nuneaton
  2. Gazza

    My old Tdi

    its now on ebay! sorry i forgot can you put external links? if not heres the item number 290691899759
  3. Sweet congrats for shifting it
  4. wow this been up a while.....
  5. Gazza

    My old Tdi

    no body at all lol fair enough
  6. Gazza

    My old Tdi

    Hey all just wondering if anyone knows whats happened to my old tdi, tornado red, MT04 CXJ some one bought on here after i got rid checked online to see if its licensed (which it isnt)
  7. not as of yet, but i miss my tdi lol! yeah was more or less at same time, infact we did work together lol but at least its helped others sort theres out thats the main thing lol
  8. but dude the lupo is still about with it so technically i was the first hehe so dont make me sue your ass lol joking mate
  9. Whoooooop seeeeeeeeee I still have loads of receipts and the service book for this motor, which could be sold for the right price LOL
  10. When it was crashed it was run with no air box for a couple of days, so either get it on vagcom or take to vw this way you will know for defo also check inter cooler pipes down on the drivers side as these were fubarred and possible wasnt replaced so how much did you pay for it then?
  11. Stupid stupid ****S

  12. Reputation Dog ****e!

    bunch of ****S!

  13. That was a waste of time replying to that! Bumhole!
  14. I Payed 5200 i think for it, it had about 42K on full service history WHICH I STILL HAVE! in the folder etc the crash damaged alot of the airfilter housing front intercooler and piping etc also pushed it back on to the belt so if you can get for 2g its worth it mate!
  15. Some Pics hehe on coilovers and Black RH's Theres the sticker! HEHE Also i had issues with the paing down the passenger side so was redone by vw hence why theres no strip on the door entire side has been repainted, also after i took coilovers of it wasnt easy to drive also the drivers seat has been welded (not a good job) by me as it broke! cruise control works and leathers are ok
  16. i iz back! LOL just messing sooooooooooo how much is it up for?
  17. Is it wrong that i really dont have any bills from garages? The only bills i get is parts hehe Friends in the trade and stuff, favours are great! Although the company i work for are charging a customer around £80K to restore his car Dont you just love Range Rovers, bloody money pits!
  18. Dude sugest you change that as can be used as a confenssion LOL
  19. Imagine if it was a 1.8T, 160mph! HAHA see you later ****! Made me laugh the camera just about caught it as it was all blurred LOL
  20. Now thats DEFO one to watch, hehe hopefully other people can see my point as a positive not neg
  21. still waiting to see a lupo 4x4, surely they could of took this on, instead of run of the mill 20v turbo? there sposed to be a proper workshop do something that the average jo cant please then it becomes alot more interesting
  22. http://www.clubgti.com/forum/showthread.ph...light=2.0+carbs There you go mate, Enjoy
  23. if you run proper carbs you will need a lifter pump and fuel pump to supply the amount of fuel they require ALSO they are VERY difficult to set up and you will require a CO2 meter ETC kjet tronic is easy to setup also easy to take of once you happy with the engine etc, also carbs are SUPER exspensive and always need fiddling with
  24. Right when you put a bigger engine in the car and the engine come from another car the same, the dvla dont mind that all they require is either a letter stating where you got the engine from and who carried out the work etc, All i did when i told them i put a 1.8 16v Kr in my 1.3 match Mk2 was wrote a letter stating where i bought the gti 16v from with engine number and that i fitted the engine my self, they were happy with this providing i paid the £100 VED this was done at my local office, They do not require to inspect the vechile as your putting a bigger engine in, (thus giving them more VED) problems arise when you convert it back to the small one, it then requires a engineers report as your taking money from them if you know what i mean. If you put an engine from a different vechile and have to mod and structual componets such as engine mounts, suspension tunnels ETC then you will require a SVA. No arguing there. so if the engine is from another mk2 you will be ok, i did the conversion on my mk2 mate if you want any help just drop me a pm
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