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  1. I saw photos of a meet about two weeks ago and the number of cars there and the standard amazed me. I'll come down to a meet soon, only a five minute drive. Not been for about 18 months!
  2. I was driving a silver mk5 polo, low with tints. It's on standard steels at the moment whilst we try and put tyres on my banded steels. Your lupo looked nice, I could'nt get a proper look though. Surprised I've never seen it before but we were running a bit later than usual
  3. I saw a girl driving a white lupo in Coventry this morning, stuck in the roadworks where you come off the ring road for the London Road. It had white wheels, hard to tell but they may have been banded steels and the bootlid was flushed Very nice
  4. Dakota

    Fresco SE

    I've seen this Lupo parked outside Dukes before and around Leam, very nice.
  5. Dakota


    I saw a light green Lupo twice last night, last three of the registration JAM. Looked similar to is it Dann on here? but I think the wheels were different, these looked quite small and very wide, possibly pink faces Saw it once going over the M40 and another time driving past Chesterton Windmill near Harbury
  6. Dakota

    Black Lupo

    I`ve actually got a mk5 Polo, I`m here for the classifieds lol.. I don`t go down McD`s, I`m too gangsta
  7. Dakota

    Black Lupo

    I live in Leamington mate I can count probably five modded Lupo`s in and around Leamington, two are on here
  8. Photos please.. mbr_xtreme@hotmail.co.uk Where are you from?
  9. Dakota

    Black Lupo

    Nice looking black Lupo parked on Dale Street all day yesterday, dropped on black teledials with a polished lip I think, just caught it out the corner of my eye as I drove past
  10. I see the OP has BBS`s, bet he has a wheel whores sticker on his rear windscreen and pressed metal plates too. G60`s are here to stay, don`t like them, tough ****
  11. Come to think of it, if you wanna buy the other paddle as I had to buy two you can have it for £4. Let me know mate
  12. You`re lucky I spotted this mate as I hardly ever sign in, I have the EXACT same problem. One of my mates had a good luck at the c/l for me last week, he`s almost certain its the 'paddle' thats the problem. It`s really easy to remove the door handle, open the door, just one screw but you will need one of those tapered inserts to remove it, you`ll see what I mean You can buy either a new paddle off ebay, they come in a set of two for £8 or you can buy a kit which has one paddle and four other parts. I think it`ll be just the paddle thats the problem, I`ve looked at mine and a small piece has sheared off. I bought this yesterday, offer £8 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/PAIR-Door-Handle-Repair-Paddles-VW-Polo-8-1997-11-2001-/310211918437?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM or the kit if you think it may be more than the paddle http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/VW-POLO-DOOR-LOCK-REPAIR-KIT-FRONT-RIGHT-NEW-/250672753483?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM pm me if you get stuck, I`ve already taken mine apart
  13. I was driving thru Nuneaton one morning this week, I had either a mk6 Polo or a Lupo behind me (I was driving a big van) Whatever it was, dark blue, slammed, black rims, girl driver and aluminous green centres over the wheels bolts. You Robyn?
  14. Sometimes see you around town, never seen you rolling on the BBS`s, only the G60`s. Nice red Lupo on G60`s with black centres about too and a dark blue GTI with private plate and white wheels. Did see a black one twice with banded rims on the parade. Leamington is`nt big enough for this many Lupo`s
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