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  1. For sale is my Make: VW Model: 1989 Polo Coupe S - G40 MOT: 6 months Tax: 4 months Engine Size: 1272cc Fuel: Petrol Description: It has 67k, good history. R1 charger rebuilt 7k ago 65mm PSD Pulleys Toothed belts Newman Cam 4branch, Decat and full exhaust (as new) PPP Chip to suit 270mm Brake upgrade Mocal oil cooler Seat Ibiza FMIC Strut braces front and rear Lowered on shocks and springs (2k ago) BBS RZ 14 inch with Toyo T1R's all round. Excellent condition car and Drives beautifully and if I could afford to keep it as a weekend car I would. Looking for £2500 ovno Pics: Location: Leeds Any questions please ask. Thanks.
  2. Its just to the right of the block and Its Hydraulic clutch.
  3. It clears the tower no problem, not had any issues at all. A couple of my friends MK2 VR's have them attached next to the coolant expansion tank. Its mounted securely but I agree it would look neater elsewhere.
  4. For sale is my 1991 Jetta GX. Just under 6 Months tax and 7 months MOT. I have had the car just over a year, It was bought as a 1.6 GX and has had a 2.9 Corrado VR6 engine conversion. The shell has done about 120k and the engine has done 7k. Good Points.. Fully Rebuilt 2.9 VR6 7k ago. New chains and tensioners, new piston rings, new bottom end, fully honed and gentley broken in. 6 branch stainless steel manifold. Decat and full exhaust system. Weitec Hicon GT Coilovers. GTI 16v Brakes. MK3 VR6 Clocks showing 77k. 15 X 7 BBS RZ wheels with good tread. Front tyres are almost new Toyo T1R Proxes and rears are bridgestones. Wheels are in fair condition but could do with a refurb to make them mint. Shell is in extremely good condition and is cleaned properly regularly. It only has one slight dint where someone has opened there door into me in a car park. There is a small crack on the plastic on the front bumper also. All panels on the car are original, all original paint and original lights. The car has original interior, sunroof and optional extra ski bag. I also have all the original documents for the car from when it was bought. Bad Points.. It has been a Cat C write off around 8 years ago due to the small crack in the plastic on the front bumper. The car was written off due to the insurance company placing a low value on the car and pricing a new bumper, painted and fitted with VW bodyshop. The car had been stored since this and was put back on the road last year. After being stored this long it only needed new handbrake shoes to pass the MOT and it went straight through this year. Price £4000 ovno. If you would like anymore information please give me a message. Thanks alot.
  5. Nice little car this. Gorgeous rare colour too! Good luck with the sale!
  6. It's been found. Unfrtunatly it's been burnt out and nothing is salvageable. Thanks anyway people!
  7. **Posted on behalf of a friend** AS above G reg valver stolen about 20 mins ago (5:30 am) Leeds Roundhay area, just off street lane, anybody hear or see anything about parts etc please dont hessitate to contact me on here, kr with abf bottom end,4 branch , stainless system etc, has early 7 slat grill, low and on the steels for winter! sorry about crap quality picture its from my phone any info is good info, i dont want to lose my baby to some F@&kers who dont deserve to have it, reckon it will of been a target steal as i dont live in overly busy area
  8. We saw a black one on the way back from a VW show last year, just checked that thread you linked and it was the black one that belongs to Kevin Stanford. Always wondered who's it was. Saw Dioufs fully chrome SLR the same day aswell going up the M1.
  9. Haha that had its on problems! Flew back the day of that erruption so was kinda lucky but lost my Iphone in Chicago airport Just so glad VW honoured what they said and fixed it for free
  10. All fixed and collected. Thanks for the advice guys!
  11. He's on about different cars haha, I got rid of the Lupo in the middle of march and got a new car.
  12. Im still in America so I dont know yet. Fingers crossed though!
  13. Think he was with his Gf or something, he saw me staring at his car, dunno if he saw me in mine though, was parked a row infront. As he was with his gf and me with mine didnt really think it was a good time to go chat about lupos/arosas haha.
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