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  1. I haven’t done a lot to the Lupo. Although I have managed to remove a third brake light from a replacement spoiler I managed to get hold of. It’s in reasonably clean condition, it just requires a respray in black as it’s silver. The bolts used to attach were not salvageable. Threads into the the spoiler have been recut and just trying to find a body shop that can bring it back to life.
  2. I had my centres refurbished at the same time as my wheels. They shot blasted all the residual glue off and colour matched to the wheels. Then I got a few sets (Some for my T4 as well) of 90mm domed pressed VW centres from eBay and they’re a pretty good fit.
  3. These Lupo GTI spoilers are a terrible design. I have a similar issue with the bolts rusted into the riv nuts either side. I’ve just gaffer taped over the holes on the boot lid until I can sort it out.
  4. This GTi has delivered a few interesting faults to solve. The latest being the rear wash wipe - which now works, doesn’t leak in the boot lid or the rear passenger panel. It required a lot of swearing, 3 wiper motors and an auto electrician. This was a moment of lockdown deep joy. IMG_4608.MOV
  5. Yes it’s the cat back Scorpion. It has a much nicer burble on tick over. I haven’t noticed a significant difference in noise driving, but then I haven’t driven it too far due to non essential journeys.
  6. Due to the fact the OEM exhaust had more holes than a sieve. Today I fitted this Scorpion exhaust. It wouldn’t have probably been my first choice - but was well priced and completely unused in original packaging. It does fill the bumper better than the original.
  7. Fitted a new honeycomb grille (I was cleaning the original grille and one of our new kittens knocked it off the table and it cracked 🤦🏻‍♂️) and fitted red piping and I also laid red vinyl into the ‘I’ on the front and rear GTI badges.
  8. To be honest I’ve heard it named many things. When I asked at a scrappers for a passenger front stub axle - they presented me with the right part. I shall refer to the part as part A. Yes, it was this part that was bent, as the two parts were compared side by side once the old one was removed. As all of the running gear has been replaced, replacing this amongst everything else on that front left corner has remedied the issue, which was a priority. I taxed and insured it on Friday so I can run everything in and try and pinpoint some of the interior rattles, which are a bit annoying. O
  9. No, I mean stub axle and steering knuckle.
  10. 12 months MOT with no advisories ✅✅👏🏻👏🏻
  11. It wasn’t my vehicle when whatever happened happened. It’s been SORN since I bought it, so I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. It’s all good now except for a couple of bits - rear wiper motor is now defunct - a common VW fault. Then the body work 😃 This car is like Triggers broom 👍🏻 It’s only for playing with so there’s no rush for the work to be completed.
  12. It was bought with that problem. No idea. The front left wheel was an inch further back than the front right. All sorted now and clearance distance is exactly the same on both sides. I can’t imagine that this was an intentional design feature. It’s basically had the full corner replaced. Track rods, stub axle, shocks springs, CV joint etc. Alignment bar tracking is now spot on.
  13. This Lupo is having tracking done today (massively out on the front due to bent stub axle) this has been replaced and tracking adjusted by eye so it can be driven, also having the MOT done. Should pass as practically everything that was a potential fail area has been replaced. I’ve got another exhaust and centre pipe coming towards the end of March. The original exhaust which is still on the car is absolutely shot. The best cost effective exhaust solution I could find was a Scorpion exhaust. It’s second hand, but never used. It’s not in keeping with my OEM i
  14. The resurrection continues. All mechanical issues resolved, head has been resealed which has cured an oil leak. All front end shocks, springs and top mounts have been replaced along with passenger front stub axle which was bent. The water pump and cambelt have been changed. Oil /antifreeze/coolant all changed. It has meant that all 4 refurbished Bathurst wheels are now fitted. Once the tracking is sorted out. Next stop will be the body work. There’s a replacement rear bumper/spoiler that need a respray (currently in silver) and a towing eye cover and passenger wing mirror c
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