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  1. I have an obd11 Pro reader, it doesn't seem to like the lupo. It let's me do all the usual stuff like resetting services and codes but for doing the more in depth stuff I need the security code. Currently downloading elsawin and I'll see if I can find what I need.
  2. Been trawling through here, Ross-tech and OBDEleven trying to find a code that works. I'm trying to log into the engine control module to read live data, does any one know what the security access code is? Even ones for the other modules would be great.
  3. Over a decade after owning my first lupo I have ended up with yet another, this time a black 1.0 with 50k on the clock that apart from the dodgy paintwork is in fairly good nick. Picked it up for £190 with a dodgy release bearing and a 5th that didn't like to stay engaged, handily I had a spare 6n polo with the right box and clutch so swapped them over and she is running sweet as a nut. Plan is to run it for a bit as the daily and then build it into a sleeper with a 1.8t, currently building mounts to fit an m3 rear arb into it, have a set of 6n2 polo gti rear brakes/hubs etc coming and am collecting bits to build a 280mm front brake set up. Interior will be kept and dyed black (headlining etc) and will probably end up with a set of BB Classic seats (they do replicas of the Recaro bucket seats for a fraction of the cost)
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