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  1. new bolts aquired, center caps ordered, sorting out the tyres for the weekend if all goes well work wise, then their on and the cars off to uni with the daughter she's well chuffed with them
  2. their gone presently sitting in my front room till i can get the tyres fitted
  3. common vw issue! micro switch in the lock fails/corrodes, it tells the ecu that the lock is open or closed, not sure on the lupo? not pulled the locking motor yet to see if its replacable like on my t5, on that the switch was a green blob of snot! it was cheaper to replace the switch than too buy a new lock! plus the cheap locks out there operate differently in some cases, they dont dead lock or the double click locking via the remotes unlocks the door again!
  4. majority of places seem to sell the mech without the motor at around the same price as the mister auto one! £155 from euro's with the discount code! if your motor is ok just by the mech and swap it over
  5. yep the more experienced drivers you add the better it gets, even adding the wife to the daughters lupo insurance with her three points dropped the price! eldests first car was a 1.2 fox, she loved it, so much so that it now lives with me, awaiting a clean up, a set of brake pads and them its off on ebay it goes to a new owner only issues we have had are disc's and pads, front flexi pipe, boot lock motor and the power steering motor in 4 years of ownership, not bad going considering its age and that it gets used everyday
  6. will do when I look up the part on the vw parts site it says discontinued and an updated part is available, still 5 wire but the additional part is missing from the plug! its also a damn site cheaper! not sure wether to try it and see how it goes?
  7. engine check light is on and these are the faults 3 Faults Found: 17589 - Linear O2 Sensor; Reference Voltage P1181 - 35-10 - Open Circuit - Intermittent 17604 - Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor Heater Circuit: B1 S1 P1196 - 35-00 - Electrical Malfunction 17586 - Linear O2 Sensor; Pump Current P1178 - 35-10 - Open Circuit - Intermittent Readiness: 0010 0101 looking for a O2 sensor, its for a 1.4 AUA engine, at present it has a sensor with a large plug on it and an additional sensor plugged into the sensor plug, am i right in thinking that th
  8. ?spike?

    not mine

    My daughter has just bought a 1.4 16v lupo, just spent the day getting the manual mirror adjusters working, they now move freely in all directions via the knob and fitting a remote locking kit, thanks to Skezza who's how to made it a much easier job, only made harder by me who decided to fit the control box in the center console behind the heated rear screen switch, all soldered, taped joints and cloth taped wrapped cabling, well I had the cloth tape left over from another job so it seemed rude not to use it think there are few other mods/fixes that I'm going to be doing before she goes bac
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