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  1. Greetings from a newbie here, I am a solo parent and my son recently turned 17 so looking at changing my car as RAC insurance want £1200 to add my son to my policy to learn to drive. So, looking to change my current car to an insurance group 1 vehicle and looking at the VW Fox. My current car is a 2 ltr diesel so just wondering how the change will be for me although my current car is no sports model. I am on a very tight budget so selling my car to get a VW Fox to share for my son & I seems the logical way to go. We don’t do a lot of driving but live pretty rural so it’s a 16-mile round trip for groceries. Twice a month we do a motorway drive of 70 miles round trip. Wonder what the Fox is like on the motorway. Any tips or suggestions what to look for etc. would be very welcome. Thanks for accepting me to your forum Andy
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