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  1. Mine is for sale, give me a message on FB cameronjohnhunt
  2. See I was going to get camber shims but I already have washers so thought I’d save some cash 😂
  3. Yooo so time has come that I’m looking at cambering the rear on my gti. Im planning on doing this with washers but not sure on how many gives how much camber etc, I’m only planning on adding a little bit of camber for clearance issues, has anybody got a how to guide or would be willing to lend some advice. p.s I know a lot of people on here frown upon camber, but I need them scene points.
  4. I haven’t but I see you’ve attached one, thank you buddy.
  5. Fuse 30 was blown when I checked it a couple weeks ago, I replaced it and unplugged the breather heater. Fault code have been cleared and come back several times since but fuse 30 hasn’t blown.
  6. Thanks, Yes, I’ll clear them and they will stay off for about an hour, they usually come back upon startup. i have traced wiring about with a glow pen but I’ve just borrowed a multimeter to try instead
  7. The new engine was already marked so my mechanic lined it up to how it was marked and I wouldn’t know how to check those things if I’m honest. I’m handy enough but this sort of thing is beyond me
  8. Doesn’t appear to be out and I haven’t checked oil pressure. Wiring from the sensor plugs to the plugs mounted at the side of the engine seem ok and I’ve replaced the camshaft sensor but can’t seem to find anywhere to buy the camshaft actuator 🤔
  9. Thanks dude. The O2 sensor faults are probably unrelated and I beleive I’ve sorted the alternator issue, some dodgy bodged wiring.The issue was present before the engine change and upon looking the timing doesn’t appear to be out. im kind of stumped at this point and worried I’m going to have to go to some sort of specialist and spend a fortune to fix it 🤦‍♂️
  10. Hi guys, New to this forum but owned a Lupo GTI for a while now. I’ve had an EML light on for a while now and I just can’t figure out what the cause is. The light first came on last year and since then the car has had an engine replacement with a reconditioned engine but still the fault code persists. Ive replace the camshaft timing sensor and already tried disconnecting the breather heater (aparantly this can cause this fault) my fuse 30 was blow but I replaced it disconnected the breather heater and the light came back but fuse 30 is fine. i could really do with some advice here as it’s driving me mad. Fault codes I currently have are 17748- camshaft position sensor/engine speed sensor; incorrect correlation 16394- camshaft timing control, bank 1; malfunction 17911- load signal from alternator terminal DF; implausible signal 16522- O2 sensor circuit high voltage (bank 1 sensor 2) 16514- O2 sensor circuit malfunction (bank1 sensor 1) 17759- camshaft position sensor, bank 1 implausible signal on startup
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