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  1. Remove center heater dial which controls fan speed. Pull of using bull nose pliers wrapped in cloth. should see One bulb, pull out gently. Vw 1777512/12v 1.2w from vw or any car shop , hope this helps.
  2. Try putting in key in boot lock. turn key to lock, then use remote key lock/unlock.
  3. Hi, pollen filter as above ,just take care when you replace cover as its a tight fit or it may split the pastic.As for Air filter ,lift engine cover from front and gently pull towards you again take as the rear two rear brackets are easily broken, then remove 6/7 screws to get to the air filter. Good luck.
  4. Mine are on 40mm Apex springs, looking at coilovers as mentioned above dont want change twice.
  5. mukilupo

    jay's GTi

    Looking good, what coilovers are you using and are they any good?PS nice Garage.
  6. Hi, The rear's were done using existing gti bases having all the orignal covers removed and replacing with new near matching black cloth.The only thing used from Mk4 rear bench were the blue inserts. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the replies, i think they will fit all Lupo's might have to use GTi front bases to make work properly to get seat moving forward,back and tilt.Got rears done by HRS in Broxbourne, the only thing he could salvage from the rear bench were the blue inserts the rest of the cloth was supplied and fitted by them. As for the seats i was going to go for something different but at the end i went for the factory look. Thanks.
  8. HI, after much deliberation I have just fitted mk4 Recaro's using gti front seat bases, well worth the effort . Go for it. Thanks. PS thanks to Henlupo for helping me fit them and Mike M for his advice.
  9. Hi, how much was the stalk, was it OEM?Did you disconnect the battarie and when you finished and connected the batterie did the air bag light go out. Thanks.
  10. mukilupo

    Door Cards

    Spot on Mike, looking for a cheap sollution.Thanks.
  11. mukilupo

    Door Cards

    Hi, got door cards in grey can they be sprayed Black or Will they get damaged etc? Thanks.
  12. Try something called {Bar keepers friend} stanless cleaner with some fine Wet/Dry paper.Good luck.
  13. Thanks for all the replies, is it easy to fit new switch/ stalk? Thanks
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