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  1. Sorry buddy no, We've only ever seen them fitted to the TDI's. Not sure if the SDI has the correct type of ECU for this to work. Either way volkswagen don't recommend the retrofitting of cruise control to lower powered vehicles as they often don't have the power to keep up the speed if aproaching a hill in a high gear.
  2. Thanks Ray! I forgot Jon had it! I've since had a lupo in the workshop for cruise and got a snap of it! Customer was very happy to find that I'd gone over his dashboard with a microfibre to get rid of all the dust after the technicians finished the job! lol.
  3. We must have hundreds of Sad and Lazy customers then in that case... As a general thing we fit between 12-18 cruise control installations in our workshop each week! I've personally done a couple of cruise controls on friends Lupo/Arosa TDI's. They are actually a pretty usefull tool if you are A) Heavy footed and want to stick to 70mph (ish) on the motorway, or if you regularly go through Average Speed cameras whilst tired.
  4. Hey Guys! (and girls)... I'm currently doing a lot of work rebuilding Awesome's website and eBay page and was wondering if anybody has a Photograph of Cruise control installed on a Lupo or Arosa. I'm looking for a photo with the following qualities: * Nice and clear * Doesn't have to be too big but a reasonable size will help * The dash must be standard, not painted or sticker bombed * Cruise control must be installed!! (Bit of an obvious one that one though). * You must be able to give permission for me to use the photo on our site (I.E. Not someone else's image!) If any of you guys have anything that would fit in with the above, that would be excellent! Many thanks, AL. Awesome Ltd.
  5. Show and shine is first come first served and entry is available on the day but you'll need to be up at the crack of dawn as last year we had people arriving at Silly 'O Clock to get in show and shine!
  6. Awesome/Detailed Summer Bash - Sunday July 29th 10am-4pm at Awesome in Manchester. Once again, this year we are holding our annual open day and Detailed Summer Bash and would like to invite everyone along. Each year this event just gets larger and larger. - Free entry - Awesome discounts on the day - Dubkorps VAG clothing stand - Detailed UK and Forum club displays - On-site entertainment and catering - Rolling road demos - Stock clearance sale - Show + Shine Keep up with news of the event by : Facebook : http://www.facebook....41877665883302/ Website : http://www.awesomegti.com/shows Or if you have any queries, Give us a call on 0161 776 0777 (option 1) If you're on a club stand, you will need to be with us by 8.30am, 9am at the very latest in order to get your position on the stand. We look forward to seeing you all on the day!
  7. It's the latest in Gynacological Diagnostic tools lol...
  8. Please note, I am listing this vehicle for sale on behalf of a friend: Seat Ibiza 1.8 20v Turbo - 124,000 Miles 3 months Tax Remaining, 6 months MOT remaining. Upon purchasing the car (at 100,000 miles) the following jobs were done: * Wishbone Bushes * Fresh suspension (Weitec Ultra GT 30mm Lowering but very very comfortable) * Full Service with Oil Flush, Sump removed and cleaned out and a new Oil Pickup pipe installed * Cam belt Service with Auxiliary belt, water pump, all tensioners and Tensioner Damper * SuperPro Torque Arm Insert * Seat Sport Upper front Strut Brace * Whiteline 19mm Rear Anti-roll bar * All four coil packs replaced * Common problem oil breather hoses replaced * Tarox C83 Heat Treated discs and Tarox Strada Fast road pads all round Shortly after this a series of performance modifications were carried out at Awesome GTI: * All boost hoses and Turbo Intake pipe replaced with Forge Motorsport Silicone * Forge 007P Diverter Valve * Seat Ibiza 'Cupra' intercooler fitted using Forge Motorsport Silicone/Stainless Steel hoses and MAP Sensor pipe * Milltek full exhaust system with High flow sports cat * K&N Performance air filter and 'PD160' Larger air intake * AET Turbo's 'KO3S/KO4' Hybrid Turbo with Forge Motorsport adjustable actuator * Bosch 4-Bar Fuel Pressure regulator and Walbro Fuel pump upgrade * 3" Air Mass meter housing from Leon Cupra R * Fabia vRS Airbox (to suit 3" Air mass meter housing) * Leon Cupra R Injectors * 16" Team Dynamics Pro-Race 1.2 light weight alloy wheels. Following these modifications the car was taken to the legendary Wayne Schofield (Chipwizard) in Rochdale for a full custom remap and is now producing 276bhp and 320lb/ft of torque. One of the best things about this car, is that from the outside it doesn't look all that special and it certainly does not look as fast as it is! For serious enquiries relating to this vehicle, Please feel free to contact Ste on 07762 593528 Photos:
  9. Well I've not officially had one name down so may not be worth bothering. The club stands will all be in the main parking area anyway, so just a case of getting in early and parking up! Ideally I'd need at least 5 cars to make it look any good! Sounds like a Plan!
  10. Cool cool. I don't think club lupo will be having a club stand as I've not really had enough enquiries or names put down. I'd probably say try and travel up in a group so you can all park together!
  11. Ace stuff! Would club lupo be interested in a club stand for this at all ?
  12. LOL! Bring him in your car, He's not allowed his subaru on or near the premises.
  13. Hey Guys! Just thought I'd post up an open invite to anyone thinking about coming to visit us on Sunday 31st of July for our Annual summer bash! This year promises to have an even bigger turn out than last year! We will be hosting a Show and Shine, Rolling road demonstations, Several manufacturers such as: Dubkorps, Forge Motorsport, Revo Teknic, Pipercross, Air Lift, KW Suspension and possibly a few other suppliers! We'll also have on-site catering, Forum and Club displays If you guys would like a clubstand, lets get a list of names together and get something organised! A little under a month left now
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