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  1. The quickest and least painful way to do it, I think, would be to get an existing PD130, along with ecu, loom and sensors. Then all you need to do is swap over all the bits. I'd say maybe a couple of weekends would do it. If you really want to be clever, you could keep the same SDI block (keeping your engine number), so no-one would notice anything for insurance reasons. So you'd get a PDI 120, as the crank strokes to 1.7L, not 1.9... More than enough power.

  2. Nicely done. You've done a really professional job on them. Superb.

    How did you split the indicators apart? They are a right pain.... The centre covers are held by little plastic bits that snap clean off. And the reflective silvering on the inside just blows away when you think about looking at them!

  3. 2L for 100km. Yeah, at what speed? 3L is at 100km/h I think.

    That is very impressive though.

    It is very difficult tuning diesel engines. Petrol is so much easier. The problems I've always found is that the diesel mix burns too fast without doing any work, when the airflow increases, and instantaneous compression goes up. With petrol, you just delay ignition. If you delay injection (ignition) on a diesel, you run out of cam pump time, and then quantity. Unless you can vary the cam timing dynamically. It's one of the reasons I like VE pump based injection. You can buy different pump cam profiles. And bigger plunger distribution pistons.

  4. What I find really interesting about this car/project is that the auto shifting is still enabled. So even though it has about 50% more power, my guess is that the car behaves completely normally. But how the hell do you map a car that has planned shift points after it has more power- in a manual box. With an auto box, you can map in new shift points in the gearbox controller. And thinking about it- the 085 box it comes with is not really suitable for TDI power, which is why they used the bigger box for TDIs... This thing is a monster. I love it! Sadly, I just don't need any more Lupos to add to my collection right now.

    @battlebus fitted the equivalent of the 1.9 TDI into his SDI. Too powerful apparently.... I wonder if his 085 gearbox is still good.

  5. Have you tried blocking off the vacuum hose to the brakes? Air could be getting in...

    Does it have a Lambda sensor? If yes, use VCDS to get a reading at idle to see if it's running too lean or rich. Once you know, then it's a case of figuring out what's going on.

    Doubt it's ignition. Most likely a fuel mix problem. My guess is too lean. Lots of air getting in. Ah, unless there's an air idle valve in your model that's stuck and it's too rich. Is your's drive by wire or cable throttle?

  6. Do you think it'd be possible to change it ti RHD? I've converted a mk2 golf, which was easy. I'm trying to think what you'd need to use from a regular lupo, from a GTI and what is impossible...

    electric steering would swap over

    heating system from a regular lupo

    pedal box from a regular automatic?

    wipers from a regular lupo

    steering rack from a regular or maybe gti?

    brakes, swap over servo and/or use gti as a donor for pipes

    lights from any uk lupo

    cluster from a uk car, with some custom alterations? Tricky.


    what have i missed?

  7. LOL! Maybe we just have our own own names for everything... I suppose if everyone understands each other who cares.

    I thought that a drive flange is the flat bit that a wheel or inner CV attaches to with bolts. As in it "flanges out". What do I know?

    The knee bone is connected to the hip bone. The hip bone is connected to... :)


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  8. That's a hub carrier :)

    I'd be surprised if that got bent. They're strong. If the wheel was pushed back, then my guess is that the lower wishbone (track control arm) was damaged. It'd be easy to it see as well.

    A stub axle is a shaft that the bearings slide onto. Or for the front, the sleeve that the CV joint splined section slides into. Basically, the bit that rotates, and you attach a wheel and drum/disk to.

  9. I became aware of lupos about 2005. Loads were about but never really noticed them. One turned up in the lab where we were working on developing a twin supercharged 3.6 fsi engine. It was nitro yellow green (or fantasia is it?), stripped out and race ready. We were asked to map it and that's it. I thought, what a cute little car. Only a some years later did I seek out a diesel Lupo as an occasional spare car. Got a few now.... oh dear.

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