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  1. mk2

    1.4TDi Gearbox

    Is the clutch fully disengaging?
  2. Not if you double up. Use a metalised, soft fibre lined car cover. Then cover that with a waterproof tarp. Put a tray of moisture absorbing crystals inside. Sorted. Just before storing, ensure the engine is hot, rev it to 3k and hold it there.Then at the same time switch ign off and give it max throttle to flush out any exhaust gases as the revs drop down. Helps stop internal engine and exhaust condensation and coats the bores with lots of oil.
  3. Always handy to have a spare Lupo... Just keep it under a tarp or something if you have nowhere to store it inside. They are not depreciating any more πŸ‘πŸ»
  4. The "gain" numbers are the important thing, especially for DAB. The higher the better. Bear in mind they need 12V power to work, which has to be supplied only when the hifi is on (or ign on).
  5. Most LPG setups allow you to set the ambient by connecting the ambient pipe to the filtered side of the air filter, so the mix doesn't go rich at high revs. If your system is 'electronically controlled', you can switch over to LPG after a programmable delay (so the ECU will think you're still on petrol). Or use a Lambda emulator. The way I setup LPG to changeover is just by using a 60c thermostat switch and a relay. It turns off the fuel pump, which depressurises after maybe a couple of seconds after which time the LPG is programmed to start working (open the vapouriser or regulator valve). Then you have a seamless transition. At the same time you can use relays to switch over fuel tank sensors to the standard fuel gauge and make the regular ECU think that the car has almost run out of fuel (so it won't throw any codes). You can always move maps the old way by using resistors with the sensors.
  6. You can just set a new level (MAP). If above a certain level, then in vacuum, if below, in boost. Imagine simply shifting the standard map down (on a graph), like moving the Y axis. Most MAP sensors can measure boost up to about a Bar and a bit. Else, you can trick it, by changing the ambient reference level.... Using VCDS, you can measure ambient. Then plug in a bike pump and GENTLY and very slowly increase the pressure. You'll see when it flat lines, so that's the limit.
  7. If you go for big injectors, you might get a rough idle. When your squirt pulse goes sub 1ms, metering is difficult... They're good for high RPMs though.
  8. mk2

    Hello form Guernsey

    Welcome to club lupo most likely it's the oil fumes getting sucked in. Try what @Sausage suggests. In this winter weather, does the engine ever get fully warmed up? I'm guessing that on the island yiu don't drive that far and the oil isn't doing its job properly. So I'd flush the engine oil out and run thinner oil, like 0w30 for a while. Could be a stuck ring? Engine oil only starts to work properly once it reaches about 90c. You may have a load of custard on the inside of the oil filler cap. If you do, it's a sure sign thatbthe engine is suffering from cold overuse. Condensation appears and starts blocking all the oil and air ways, leading to an imbalance in fuel air. (Air is being restricted). Look after the car... they're going up in value now. Everyone wants one. Especially if it's had the same owner for so long! Pics?
  9. mk2


    The renault 5 gt turbo was amazing. Uncontrollable. But amazing.
  10. Welcome to club lupo water from the exhaust in this cold weather is often nothing more than condensation, so might just need a good run to clean it out. I'd also take it for a decent 30 min run with the owner driving it before considering buying it, just in case it is something more serious like a head gasket leaking. But you often can tell just by looking at the header tank (no sign of oil).
  11. mk2


    French cars. Tut. No taste! Although, I once tried a restored pug 205 gti and that was amazing.
  12. I'll second that... Just be careful loosening off that T20 (I think) screw behind the grommet. You need to loosen it about 12 turns before the locking ring that holds the barrel in place releases. Keep trying every turn. Too many and the locking ring will drop down into the door. AND, once you have the barrel out, do not touch that bolt till the barrel is back in again.
  13. The 3L suspension is completely different. I wanted to change my SDI to 3L setup (don't ask), but nothing fits. The ali block engine is tuned for economy, not power. I don't think you could get much more out of it, which is why I suggested a swap. The brakes that come with the standard car are adequate for the job in hand...
  14. If you ever do tune your 3L @Sherif, please tell us what you did... It will be very interesting to know what you have done, or what is possible
  15. News to me, but sounds plausible. I guess like seatbelts. I'd still try it through a test, just to see if any comment is made. If it fails, it's simple enough to swap it back.
  16. Rich, do you de-immob the ECU yourself or get them done...?
  17. Ooo er. That is progress! πŸ‘πŸ» Joe, what version of CCM or security do you have? And what year- System 2 or 3 do you think?
  18. You know, the best thing if you will be taking on a track is to upgrade the engine and gearbox. Change the front suspension to GTi. Fit power steering and power brakes. So you will have maybe a TDI that is in a 3L. Uprate the turbo. Remap. It will be powerful and very light. Perfect combination, nearly as good as a gti. Cheap too.
  19. You can put a 10 ohm resistor across the airbag connector. It'll make the controller think that an airbag is there... light should go out.
  20. The easy way to know what work is urgent is to take it to an inspector to look at it. A TUV I guess... Then you know which is the most important thing to fix. Pics?! Where are you? Greece? Welcome to club lupo
  21. Someones selling a nice tdi on here right now, but not in Finland...
  22. You can go from below for the control knobs. Dash doesn't need to come out.
  23. I'll happily have the original gti wheel....
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