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  1. Lupo for sale in generally good condition. Bad bits thrust bearing needs replacing, drives ok, burns s little oil when cold nothing to major, failed mot on emissions and passenger head light beam, £500 open to offers, will get some photos uploaded.
  2. not my cup of team tbh but fair play for trying
  3. could possibly be an immobilisor fault, quite common in VW - if you can do a VAGCOM scan and see if you get any error codes. Had a similar fault with the wifes golf and the battery in the key fob was low.
  4. i have map under pass seat, charger in the ash tray cd in the tray by the fuse box parking pass under steering wheel
  5. yeah i dont care what colour im happy to repaint
  6. where did you buy yours? i cant find one at the moment
  7. going to colour code the front and rear valance, and going to go for a "unque" colour scheme of Green & Vw Brilliant Orange. So things like a spoiler wing mirrors wheels etc will all be orange, sounds awful but looks pretty good - see the Rover BRM
  8. the wifes golfs got an arm rest its annoying, my old laguna the angle was perfect it was great - dont think it would work to well in a lupo
  9. i had a similar set up on my old mgzr diesel it works well
  10. yeah this is true, best of luck and get some photos of the loop up!
  11. its all down to preparation and dedication ensure the surface is prepared ie clean sanded back etc mask the area off slow even coats from a distance laquer - sand back and re laquer its simple ) I would offer assistance but miles away
  12. ahh not really something you could post could give it ago yourself:P
  13. what are you looking at getting done? there are some companies on ebay that can do it via post
  14. it worked, she is smoking a lot less, still smoking though did a compression test got 1-9.9 2-10 3-11 4-9.9 so good readings going to invest in a new set of valve stem seals paints on order too
  15. Small update - Thrust bearing replaced - sorry no photo Took the air box off as you can see oil is pooling on the throttle body & mounting plate Took off the breather box and cleaned it please note a clear cleaning fluid went in...... Next to go on GTi inlet manifold and some other treats!
  16. interesting topic i will be keeping an eye on this 1)as far as your questions i would of thought ken cams 2) depends on what your willing to spend etc, Throttle bodies would be the most stable option. 3) Unsure 4) could you get a fibre glass or carbon fibre one?
  17. yup but have a look also a company called "machine mart" sell there own roof racks
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