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  1. Yeah they were. I sold them already sorry
  2. 250 ono sorry this site doesn't notify in any way for replys
  3. Make: vw Model:lupo MOT: April 2016 TAX: new style tax Engine size:1400 Fuel type: petrol Description including modifications: blue, 2001 model with optional extras, blue and black leather heated seats, leather panels & gearstick & handbrake, electric windows and mirrors, Oz f1 alloys although needing refurbished, cd player, has some marks on the exterior panels in various places, All new tyres Car and engine are solid, never let me down Reason for sale is we have a baby on the way and need a bigger car. Location: dundee Images: Seats https://plus.google.com/111790000470717685819/posts/JUmegWPgFnC Price: £800 because it's a rarer one
  4. Pics https://plus.google.com/111790000470717685819/posts/JUmegWPgFnC Hi would anyone be interested in buying the interior of my lupo 1.4 S, it's an ex display model I believe complete with all the optional extras in blue but no one's interested in buying the full car so I'd like to sell the seats etc. It's blue and black leather heated seats and loom and switches, Gear stick, handbrake, leather panels I hear it's hard to get hold of.. I want to swap for the standard lupo stuff plus cash. im in Dundee The cars up for sale so anyone interested in buying the full car will take priority Thanks
  5. Bump It's a colour concept lupo in jazz blue with blue and black heard its quite rare.
  6. I think my lupo will need to be sold soon in the future due to a baby on the way and the Mrs wants a bigger car. So wondered if anyone could give me some ideas on it's value it's a Y plate. has done around 104000 miles I think. Blue with matching leather interior. Has slight marks on some panels. its got Oz 14" alloy wheels that are a bit kerbed. It's mechanically sound great runner never let us down other than a puncture. Just had new tyres all round and new shocks. Regularly serviced. I'll be selling on club lupo soon most likely thanks in advance for any help
  7. Hi both passenger side mate. Got one from the Baldovie scrappie so the other might still be there if your in Dundee. Your free to take these if you want them
  8. My car has a electric fault before the regulator I believe, I ended up putting in a manual one after trying a replacement which also didn't respond so I've never seen them working but if someone wants them they can take them. Feels a waste to throw them away. I'm in Dundee, pm me if interested Edit: I remember connecting them to a battery I had laying about and they were working now I think about it
  9. Not an expert but i think the coolant temperature sensor gives symptoms like that? But I'll leave it to the guys who know
  10. Come see the crazy lupo £5 a ticket I'm from Blackpool now outcast in Scotland, big seasider always visiting my family and going to the football down there. Would be great to see this in action when I visit again
  11. That's the best lupo I've ever seen, your a genius, so awesome when I'm next in blackpool I've gotta see it in person
  12. Story made me chuckle hope that problem stays away
  13. Thank you helpful pic
  14. Can anyone help me I'm unsure will the steel wheels nuts be ok on the alloys? Oz F1 14
  15. That's a good little guide you made planning on doing this myself next week think it'll be helpful
  16. Put a manual regulator in now, it's too hot to have no window, the electrics probably are damaged somewhere i cant find, thanks to danoid I've given it alot of time but its beat me I'm happy with my manual regulator. I had a similar thing when I got mine the boot wouldnt lock, the lock has seized and someone had disconnected the boot from the CL, I found out why because the bit that was connected to the lock was moving to far down and missing the bit connected to the handle, leaving it permanently locked so I glued in a little piece of wood to block the lock moving to far and stop it in the correct place, good as new
  17. Update the thread in case anybody else has these issues, looks like they'd fit fine except for the centre bore
  18. Would Clio fitment alloys 14" fit the lupo, think I'd need a spigot ring but not sure about everything else, the ones I have my eyes on have good tyres too id like to keep them. 165/65/14 https://plus.google.com/111790000470717685819/posts/iMAduzfEKNw
  19. Number 2 is licence plate related not sure how
  20. jgee

    Finally joined!

    Good luck hope you get 200k
  21. jgee


    Yeah just scroll down the main page of the forum there's classifieds and car care for problems
  22. Its fixed in a way haha done this tonight https://plus.google.com/111790000470717685819/posts/CeU51diXCzZ Couldn't afford sparky prices so yes I've given up but this is great
  23. jgee

    Another Noob!

    Think you should just go to a sparky grovey, would be a bit unsafe to use the car without them and the problem sounds to be getting worse Also Uggi your hardly a noob lol
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