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  1. Mine was fixed straight away? have you checked/cleaned your plugs, checking them might show if one has been running richer than the others, did you remove (and keep clean) your injectors whilst doing up the head? might even be a dirty lambda sensor from when it was being over fueled or dirty air filter?
  2. Hi, if the car is not road legal, I would put a 5 litres(green plastic jerry can) of fuel in it. I don't know if that is enough to put the fuel light out on a petrol lupo but it would move the guage far enough to see if it was working(iif it was working!) You would need to run the car up to temperature though to see if the guage is working or not. I usually run them till the fan comes on asd that tests the fan too! it would take a lot longer to move the guage if the thermostat has stuck open or been removed. but as others have said above, check the oil and water, etc first! I uusually check to see if the belts are turning all the components that they are supposed to also, I have seen a siezed waterpump that didn't make the belts squeak as they scraped over the top of it!
  3. Hi, I bought mine off Ebay,, it was the same shape but a different colour, so I tried the connector on the end and it fitted, so I just went for it and it was(is) fine. I just pushed the sensor further into the housing to take the pressure off the securing clip and swapped them as fast as I could, so to lose less coolant. If the o-ring doesn'tt come out with the sensor be ready to fish it oot quickly with your finger as this can lead to extra time and coolant loss. took me a couple of mins with no tools used. How different is the one you got, is it slightly different like mine was or the completely wrong thing?
  4. Hi, It might be the same as what happened to me, same job but on a SDI. I found that when I got mine thrown back together it would rev itself up on start up and fire oot the sooty reek (signs of over fuelling diesel style) I traced it to be the temp sensor. 20 quid - 2 minute fix. I reckoned that it had dried out when the water system was empty when the head was off. It looked ok when I gave it the once over, but a new one sorted it right away?
  5. Uggi


    I blanked mine at the exhaust end, just to stop the crud filling the inlet side (it was a mess!) no big difference noticed, and no EML on either?
  6. Uggi

    Another Noob!

    Hi, I have been out working on it last night, so there is not a lot left to do now. Story so far is, I bought the car for £100 as it had been towed to a garage with a snapped timing belt. So I took the head off and apart to see what it was needing. so to get it going again it needed; 8 Tappets - as they were all "domed" (got these and the guides out of an old Inca 1.9sdi van) 3 New valves - bent quite bad 3 Valve guides - scored quite badly taking out the bent valves 8 New valve stem oil seals Cam oil seal Head gasket set Timing belt kit - full kit Water pump - Just to be on the save side EGR Blanking plate - what a mess was in the inlet side Removed the inlet air restrictors and gave the ports good clean and a light polish New oil, oil filter, fuel filter and air filter. That got it running, but sadly the spending had to continue lol, so I bought the following; Front discs and pads Rear drums, shoes and cylinders - still waiting on drums £22 a PAIR on ebay, was quoted £65+vat EACH at local factors! Track rod ends Remote locking kit - doddle to fit with this site's how to section(i wired the indicators wire to the hazard switch) Various bulbs - interior, dash, headlight, high level brake light needed new connections made! Last night I did; 4 new glow plugs - as it was a bit "white smokey" on a cold start up. I got denzo fast heat up ones off ebay £6 odd each. New temp sensor - What a difference as it used to rev itself when I was starting it (hot or cold) and the glow plug light light was staying on for ages. cheap fix Heater resistor - no more only fan speed 4! So the to-do list only has; Gearbox oil seal - at least! fit the back brakes when the drums arrive(from France!) tidy up the body work - after incident involving pressure washer and bonnet's laquer DOH! do something with the ultra soft suspension, don't want to go much lower, just stiffer probably alloys at some point, but must fit the winter wheels tonight as we have snow forecast for the start of the week! Thats the story so far, I bet you are sorry you asked!! lol
  7. Uggi

    Another Noob!

    Hi folks!, just joined the forum, I live in Orkney and bought a Lupo sdi a few weeks ago as a project since the timing belt had snapped with the previous owner, its back in use, but there has been a lot of niggly wee problems, but they are getting less now too! lol I gleaned a lot of tips from this site for a lot of the problems, and thought I would join so I can add my tuppence worth if I can help. Cheers Andy
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