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  1. iSutehall

    Lupo gti xenons

    Lupoboz, will check that soon! If any problems might end up buying a new sensor from you! And Clayton, I've not used VCDS yet will try and get hold of one and see what it says!
  2. iSutehall

    Lupo gti xenons

    Okay, so I've owned my GTI over a year, and recently I've been having problems with the leveling of the xenons... I manually adjust them and within a few days they either drop or they raise themselves? Would this be problem with the self leveling sensor on the rear beam? Or would it be a problem with the motor for the lights?
  3. iSutehall

    bonnet pins

    Update, don't do this as the lupo bonnet can't support it... I found this out the hard way when my bonnet came flying up on my as I was driving along the motorway... EXTREMELY dangerous!!
  4. iSutehall

    Definitive Lupo GTI Numbers and Production Info

    I own a gti ?
  5. iSutehall

    Air Con - Fitting

    Has anyone had air-conditioning added into their GTI when it didn't come with it? Is so a price would be greatly appreciated! As it is something that I am thinking that I might do soon. Thanks in advance
  6. iSutehall

    GTI bumper being smoothed.

  7. iSutehall

    Lupo Gti

    Ah I was trying to watch on my phone and it won't let me because of Adobe Flash player
  8. iSutehall

    GTI bumper being smoothed.

    I'm interested in smoothing my front bumper number plate out, any idea in costs or how to do it would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance! Mike
  9. iSutehall

    Genuine VW lupo roof bars

    If anyone has got any they want to sell that are genuine vw roof bars, leave a comment!
  10. iSutehall

    Brandon's lupo sport project !

    How does it run after the conversion? Thinking of doing a massive conversion to my lupo soon, gonna rebuild a r32 lump inside the lupo making it a four wheel drive beast!
  11. iSutehall

    bonnet pins

    Checked with the insurance group, I've said its more of a security reason, only an extra £28 a month but where would I put them? They're lockable ones which are slightly bigger
  12. iSutehall

    bonnet pins

    Has anyone put bonnet pins into the lupo bonnet if so, how did you do it? Or is there a thread on this?
  13. Okay got a new read axle for my 1.4s lupo as this on crabs am I right in thinking I need a 32mm multi spline socket?
  14. iSutehall

    Couple of Questions..

    I was thinking a box
  15. iSutehall

    Smokey Joe any help please?

    Mines still only high revs

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