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  1. Cheers lads I'm sort of getting to grips with wheels and stud now I do accident reapir and paint so have no knowledge on anything like that ? cheers anyway
  2. Will they fit mk2 gti ones not bbs spotted a cheap set they look really nice again I know they are 4x100 but the centre bore size?
  3. I'm confused will they fit as I am can sand the bore out if need be?
  4. Cheers mate nearly brought bought a mint set for 70 quid saved me the hassle thanks
  5. Will mini peperpots fit my 1.0 lupo the stud pattern is 4x100 I just don't know about the offset or anything like that? Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks people I'll keep an eye out for a new starter but at least I know it's nothing to major thanks again
  7. Every time I turn my engine over there is a horrible crunching noise I have new ht leads as 2 and 4 are loose but I don't think that is the proplem can someone help or give me some direction of which to try oh it's a 1.0 any help will be appreciated
  8. Cheers for the reply so you know if they can just simply be put back on
  9. Ok so I brought a lupo I have to pick it up the weekend and as soon as I get it back I will clean it I'm thinking about taking the bump strips off but I know the car has had a full repaint (worst repaint ever) so if I remove them can I put them back on easy enough if the colour is shagged like the rest of the car, The lupo is going to be painted as I work in a body shop but not for a month or two so leave it and wait with grandad strips on it or take the risk?
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