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  1. I have a set in Didcot oxon hour from London make me an offer
  2. Yes got both £20 for clocks £5 heater controls plus postage
  3. Why would you want a towbar on a lupo? What you going to tow? A kite lol
  4. I have all that mate pedal box and clutch master cylinder £50
  5. Everything left is getting scrapped this weekend so I'll do a list of what's left its a red lupo tdi 1.4 a amf engine 180k but runs great 5 speed manual box all good doors with electric windows and mirrors two red bonnets , wings all in good condition lower front valance with front fogs seats dash some interior trim I recently spent about £300 on new front discs and pads, handbrake cables and shoes Lower arms. Drop links. Cv joint and wheel bearing it has sport front brakes cup holder sub box dab Ariel
  6. Decat sold Coilovers sold bee sting £15
  7. My misses was in an accident in it. I bought a complete front end to fix it but when I offered up the slam panel I found the the front chassis legs are bent. About an inch and a half to the right so it's a write off and as she was driving it on her insurance it is only covered 3rd party only. Now I'm just want to get come money out of it located in Lambourn near hungerford
  8. I'm looking to break my lupo tdi engine and gearbox are good all panels available and rust free some mods decat downpipe. Coilovers. Dab bee sting Ariel. Joey mod headlights with HiD and projectors
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