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    2001 seat arosa 1.4i 16v.
  1. Ive got fitted a set of mk1 tt seats..but i would like to try and fit these audi a1 seats in... Has anybody done this ? If so was the end job worth doing ?? I cant see it being to much hard work.. Any feedback would be great..thanks
  2. Ho do you remember the how wide the brackets where for fitting the front tt seats please..as your looks the better way to fit..many thanks

  3. Ive got my self a set off front and back tt seats.(front seats)the tt seats came with there runners..can i take the arosa seats and runners out and change the seats and runners from the tt ??? Back seats what needs to be done to get a good clean finish..?? Is there a step by step guide ?? Thanks
  4. the one by marlbon is an old fellas car its parked at the top of the lane...on a v plate i think...
  5. would that be smack on the same colour as L57N... ? CHEERS
  6. i need some help with paint codes i have a seat arosa sports in silver paint code L57N....does the lupo in silver have the same paint code :question: cheers...
  7. hi could someone please tell me if a lupo sports door will fit on a arosa sports ???? need a new door....thanks guys
  8. not me but i do pass twice aday in my silver arosa 1.4i 16v...always on the lookout for fellow forum users...(my arosa is nearly finished a labour of love )what you got ?
  9. spotted in brixham south devon... red lupo on ats cups..is it yours ???
  10. ill rase it up a bit as it is theres only me sat in there by the time some one else get in it will be even lower...cheers ( great work on your lupo 16v ;0} ) i need to change my friends and get some skinny ones ..lol
  11. inner..only when its on full lock.....when the wheels sat straight i can get 1 finger in there if that makes sence (thanks) maybe i should take it up another 5 mil ?
  12. hi all ive just lowered my arosa sports on ciolovers....and then taken it to a garage to get the wheel inlinement /tracking done...before it goes in on wensday there is a very small rub on full lock the gap is about as thick as my finger..is that ok or should i lift it a tad more...thanks for your help...(its sat on 15inch if that make a diffrence...
  13. how do i lower the rests on the back seat ? do i cut them ? cheers
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