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  1. lucylupo94

    What's this worth ?

    Ok cheers guys , would be putting back to standard as I'm aware that not everyone would want it in its current form
  2. lucylupo94

    What's this worth ?

    What's this worth ? W reg - yellow lupo , typical paint fade, low miles at 56 odd thousand fully stamped booked and lots of mot Certs , lowered on Jom coilies 6month old ( standard included) , 11 months mot , tax due up this month ,bumper been pushed in then pushed out ( has slight damage but still usable) arosa mk1 rear lights ( comes with standard) on steels , standard tape deck , brand new edge speakers ,serviced two months ago , can also include brand disks and pads as well
  3. lucylupo94

    Tony's 1L Arosa, Imported Wheels?

    got these coilovers not bad mate
  4. lucylupo94

    Lucy the Yellow Lupo

    Right been very busy lately but have had got some stuff done too lucy so here it is. Black Badged her Got some Mk1 arosa rears from a scappy tenner , can't complain for that !!, i know these are a marmite mod but i like them ( this is part way through , the transition ) Then all done next to a stock arosa showing hight difference ( excuse the quality ) Also got a new gear knob out an A4 or A6 OEM+ YO! and some boot carpet out an polo to do my boot build , got some plans for a new gator as that is shagged ….. all will be revealed OH and maybe bigger things….. we will see Cheers
  5. lucylupo94

    Lucy the Yellow Lupo

    Went on a scap yard whore last Saturday and collected some goodies all with be revealed soon this weekend
  6. lucylupo94

    Lucy the Yellow Lupo

    Still the same , but looking into colour coding my bumpers ....
  7. lucylupo94

    Joe's Black 1L Lupo

    Yes she's back on the road
  8. lucylupo94

    Joe's Black 1L Lupo

    passenger rear hub was shagged bud and oh might have to pop down there see what i can find VAG wise
  9. lucylupo94

    Joe's Black 1L Lupo

    saw you at the sw mega meet , but my lupo was out of action for it , your is coming on nicely , what scappy u going too then bud ??
  10. as the title state yellow W reg lupo Girl driver in St Dennis on monday 17/2/14 , is this you ??? i was in my w reg lupo as well
  11. lucylupo94

    Joe's Black 1L Lupo

    Where r u in the kernow boy , we should meet up
  12. lucylupo94

    do 15" ats cups fit on a 1.4 lupo s?

    Look on my build thread , ive got a very simular set called fondmetal cups , take a lol that will give u an idea
  13. I've got JOMS £180 well spent
  14. lucylupo94

    Lucy the Yellow Lupo

    Cheers guys , I'm thinking of getting some leather of some description I'm feb or once my insurence is paid
  15. lucylupo94

    Lucy the Yellow Lupo

    sorry for the lack of updates , been enjoying my cars too much. The first few shots are at a local meet with my mate ( silver bora) then the other are form today after a wash. JOM Blueline Coilovers are wound down once or twice on the front and helpers out on the back. Wheels are Fondmetal Cups

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