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  1. Tutek

    GTI Headlight

    Are you still looking for one?
  2. Hi. Do you have wings still for sale?
  3. 185/35/17 when you put this tires on 17's then the wheel size is the same as original Lupo GTI 205/45/15.
  4. It's been a while since I last have beed here. My Lupo had some changes done to it, and I got me self a second one
  5. As in the topic. Recently I came across brand new set of Valeo Xenon headlights. I bought them for my GTI to refresh the car. Unfortunately for me they came up to be for the Left hand drive market, so I think one of you can make a use out of them. Price 600£ + 20 shipping.
  6. Update in the topic KW V2 coilovers
  7. Finally I've found some time, to make some photos. Today it's very rainy day, but I've managed to do some anyway
  8. at my local carpet shop, but I've had to wait for it few days, because it is the one specially designed for car interiors
  9. I finally did what I should have done long time ago. The covering was laying in my room for almost half a year
  10. Two days ago I've had some difficulties with brakes. My front right brake disc was warped. So finally I've had a serious reason to make a swap to 280mm, that I thought about for quite a while. Here is what I've bought compare 256 with 280 before after on the car
  11. Just bought some new wheels I've been looking for them for quite a while, and thought about them before I've bought my Brocks. They are BBS RC 321. Rim made for Golf GTI 25th aniversary, very light and tough, made by BBS Flow Forming Process, what makes it almost as tough as a forged wheel. Really hard to find in 16" Not sure if I'm gonna put them on a car, but I've been looking for them for so long, that when I saw them I needed to have them I took a tire from one of them to check are they really so light. Brock B2 16" 7,5J ET 35, weighs 10kg, BBS RC 321 16" 7,5J ET 35 weighs
  12. Nice topic. Can't wait to see the wheels on a car What is the size of tires that you've bought?
  13. Raven blue, love the colour. I was lookig for one but it was hard to find. Plans for the future?
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