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  1. crystal palace did run some HD testing in the last couple of weeks, so theres your answer. Your tuner will display the programme guide but cannot decode the signal.
  2. This could work for minor dents but it will not work for all. Half the time when a car has been dented the impact has caused stretching, so you have to use heat to shrink the core of the dent out. A bodyshop would have a dent puller which welds itself to the panel. Another part of the handle is also a heat lance to shrink out the stretches. Panel beaters also use knurled hammers for shrinking dents (looks abit like a meat tenderiser). I would say this tool alone would work some of the time but 50% of the time you would need shrinking by heat.
  3. Buying a calibrated monitor would be pretty pointless wouldn't it ? Each graphics card would be different surely. You could carry out your own ISF calibration with a Spider 3 colorimeter. http://www.amazon.co.uk/s?ie=UTF8&keyw...;link%5Fcode=qs
  4. Ive played the demo of UFC, it's a really good game especially when you get a 1 punch knockout. Grappling is also pretty funny.
  5. If it was DVB-S then it would be a satellite tuner, not terrestrial. DVB-t2 is the standard for HD terrestrial which uses mpeg-4 encoding There are no HD services being broadcast on any of the muxes yet, and obviously there is no way youll be receiving a sat signal through the kit you have. I would say that there must be some sort of connection to the internet for the EPG to be telling you there are HD channels available, Or there could be some kind of HD testing going on at your transmitter.
  6. what numbers has she been calling on her mobile bill ? What times ? is there a repeated number everyday at stupid times etc ? TBH mate if she is creating a web of lies, then I don't see how you can trust her. It might hurt to call things off now, but think how bad things could get if you dont look after your own interests. If she can lie to you about a secret lover, then she can and will lie to you about anything. steer clear. **EDIT** ive been had LOL
  7. Went to the one in dorchester myself with water and not strapped in. I wanted to do it strapped in dry but they wern't running that at the time. I did come back pretty dissapointed, it was a steep hill but every run was over in 2 seconds flat. when I got home I was covered in itchy rashes for a week. Id rather be strapped in and go all the way over, and stay warm and dry of course without the skanky water. They really should use cloreen.
  8. Nicely run in now I suspect Ryan ? You running these as part of a 5.1 or soley for music duties ? Bi-amping will definately give you an improvement, how much will depend on how good an amp you already have. Mines a 5.1 system so Bi-amping the fronts made a huge difference. Got the speaker placement, eQ and sub dialled in nicely now. Can get on with enjoying the system rather than picking holes in it all the time.
  9. Time to join in methinks. Just been tinkering again today now that ive got a thick rug and some things hanging on the walls.
  10. Dont even need a stolen car, just a ford focus or mondeo with same plates as another in the same colour.
  11. The ICV will be very near the throttle body (bolted to it), it will be small, metal and most probably bolted on with 2 or 3 caphex head screws. Cleaning this involves removing it and cleaning inside, a toothbrush will help here too. Cleaning the throttle body alone won't cure a sticky ICV for too long. Never done it on the loop before, so I hope this helps.
  12. You need to remove the Idle control Valve from the throttle body, it will be coked up with sticky soot. Then give it a good clean out with carb cleaner until it's all nice and shiney inside. Job Done.
  13. Idle control valves tend to become full of sticky deposits that stop them from working properly. You just need to remove it and clean it out with some carb cleaner. Job done. My last two cars have suffered with this problem.
  14. She's famous because the public buy into her and she's well connected, paris hilton is a business that keeps people in work. If she had no reason to be famous then she wouldn't be famous. And unfortunately, I dont think things are going to change because one angry man from Newcastle doesn't like it
  15. Im sure Paris really cares. If you were someone in her position, im sure you would moan about people who make comments like the above. Have you been in her shoes ? and do you really have a right to judge things you know nothing about ? I agree you can respect someone for turning nothing into something and doing well, but equally disagree with slating someone for being born into wealth. Everyone has the right to do what they like (bar breaking the law), so why don't you stop whinging all the time it's boring
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