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  1. Hi all having major problems with my lupo sdi. When trying to maintain a steady speed there will be a slight power surge than it will drop back and moments later it will happen again, making it impossible to maintain a steady speed!! The car idles ok it only happens when diriving. My brother a former mechanic has changed the fuel filter, air filter, new injectors, and done a diesel purge in an attempt to solve the problem with no luck. The current thinking is it may be a faulty throttle position sensor or crank shaft position sensor .Anyone got any ideas ?? Its getting to the point when i'm
  2. Thanks again I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks again I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks again I'll let you know how I get on.
  3. Sorry for repeating myself in the above!!
  4. Ordered some carb cleaner for the throttle body. I'm unable to drive at a steady speed without it pulling slightly ! It's as if you have taken your foot off the accelerater slightly fot a second put you foot down a bit and it's fine till it happens again! Thanks for the replies
  5. Hi thanks for taking the time to reply. I should have said very slight fade!! No judder and idles ok.
  6. Hi has anyone got any ideas on this. When driving the engines seem to very very slightly fad for a second then pick up, the best way to describe it is feels like you have taken your foot off the accelerater for a split second then the power comes back. I have replaced the air and fuel filter and injectors this has improved things a lot but the problem is still there.
  7. Hi I carnt seem to stop transmission fluid leaking from the input oil seal were the gear stick goes into the box. My brother has tried 3 times the last time with genuine vw seal. Its not leaking alot a few spots after parking over night. Can anyone advise if its worth trying again or is it something a will have to live with. thanks dave
  8. thanks again for all the replies
  9. Does anyone know if the lupo 1.7 sdi gearbox has a breather??.I'm having problems fixing a leak from the gearbox selector. I have replaced the seal 3 times and it still seems to leak. Last time my brother found a nick on the gear shaft which he smoothed.I read somewhere that a blocked breather can cause problems . thanks dave
  10. Hi does anyone know if it would be ok to top up my gearbox oil with 75w-90 Semi synthetic GL 5. I have a sdi -1.7 and have just changed the gearshift oil seal. Thanks dave
  11. Just bought a genuine vw seal will post on here if it works . Any other options if it doesnt?? thanks dave
  12. Hi my brother has just reported back its leaking out of the gear selector seal still will put another gasket on and checked there's no burrs on the rod. Any sealer you can use with the gasket??????
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