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  1. So, currently looking at making the little TDI breath a little better ready for the remap. Ive sent a quote form off to a local exhaust specialist, Torque Flow in Birmingham (its only round the corner). Asked them to quote for a 1 box stainless decat system with discreet tailpipes. Will see what they say. Cant be expensive, as its a minimal amount of materials involved.
  2. Calipers from vw6pn arrived yesterday (Thanks Mark). They were Polo GTI calipers that had a seal/piston rebuild. Had to use a hammer with the spanner to free off the bleed nipples, and put them back in with a smear of copper grease. I might replace these for new eventually. The intention was to give them a repaint, but not a full on strip down/blast/coat. Just a grind back with a wheel on the grinder, and then a quick spray job. This is how the calipers were looking after a grind down. I did get more paint off after this: Polo GTI Calipers after a wire brushing by LukeDeakin, on Flickr Then after about 4-5 thin coats of Hammerite Satin Black spray paint they were looking like this. Untitled by LukeDeakin, on Flickr Should look ok once they are on the car tomorrow. Plan is to fit these with the un-ground sliders and new rubber seals and new GTI pads. Rather than my ground down sliders, used pads and leaking rubber seals.
  3. Does anyone know which exact remote part number is required? I have brought some 2 button remotes. Got everything working except the RCL. I'm assuming my car came with RCL as standard, but I think the keys have been replaced at some stage. It has CL. Not sure if my remotes are too new. The part number for the remote is 1J0 959 753 CT. Do I need to swap out the remotes for 1J0 959 753 N? Edit: I'm now thinking that I don't have an RCL module in the car. Can anyone advise the easiest method to do this?
  4. All you'll need for the seats is an ignition live and an earth most likely. Just for the electrics. Obviously, you wouldnt want to wire the airbags in, as that would be dangerous.
  5. Jazz blue centres has been considered, but might wait for a genuine set of RS/RMs for that. Had to increase the ride height a bit. Thought a CV joint was going, but driveshaft was catching on the chassis. Doh!! 10mm more on the shock body, but not that much height lost overall.
  6. It varies depending on the level of correction required, products you want used, and damage to the paint and work required. If you say £200 as a ballpark figure (prices are on the website, for a basic enhancement detail) then it could cost less/more depending on requirements. http://www.detailmyride.co.uk/services.html
  7. Lupo has now been detailed and de-swirled. Looks 1 million times better. Detailed @ Detail My Ride by LukeDeakin, on Flickr Outside Shot After Detail @ Detail My Ride by LukeDeakin, on Flickr Reflection Shot - Beautiful Flake Pop by LukeDeakin, on Flickr Level of correction achieved on the paintwork. Amazing!! If anyone wants their car doing, Midlands or even if you want to travel. http://www.detailmyride.co.uk or http://www.facebook.com/DetailMyRide Ask for Nathan or Gaz and tell them Luke referred you.
  8. Eventually, a full retrim in tan hide or maybe something different (maybe white with blue stitch to make it more feminine for the wife). Double din headunit. Some nice components up front. Maybe black plastics. All the grey plastics need taking out and giving a really good thorough cleaning to be honest. Also, the car is going in for a full detail this week. And i would like to do a rear pop out window conversion.
  9. Winter is fast approaching and only round the corner. I hate working on cars in the winter. Scraped knuckles, bent fingers, stubbed nails. Not fun when its -5. Ouch!! Thanks. We had these plans the moment we saw the car for sale. Had most the bits sorted the day after we picked it up!!
  10. Oh, my slider boots are fecked as well. 2 of them are split and leaking grease, so need to renew all 4 really. Off they come again once i source some.
  11. Fitted the 280mm setup today. Thanks to someone on Club GTI for supplying me with a set of G60 carriers that had been beautifully refurbished in black satin powder coat. Had a few problems. Typical of the 280mm conversion on the Mk2 when using the 256mm calipers, i had to grind down the slider nuts 2-3mm. Also, the brand new Lupo GTI pads were too thick for the caliper to fit over with the piston compressed all the way back in. So i had to use my existing pads which were part worn. Nice and even wear, but will take a little longer to bed in now. I also had to grind down a 15mm spanner to fit the new sliders. Haha!! Gave the calipers a really good grind down with a conical wire brush attachment for my angle grinder. They were then painted in Hammerite Satin Black spray paint. They are looking really fresh now. Gem is well impressed!!! Also increased the ride height by 10mm, as after it had settled it was REALLY low. Its still really low now, but a little more usable. Please ignore the overspray on the disc. I painted the centers and outers to stop them corroding so fast. Lupo G60 Brake Upgrade by LukeDeakin, on Flickr How the car sits now with the slightly improved ride height. Looks great imo!! Lupo Slammed on Lenso BSX, Coilies and G60 brakes by LukeDeakin, on Flickr Forgot to mention that all new caliper to carrier bolts, carrier to upright bolts, disc retaining screws and strut bolts were all used during this refurb, as well as new top mounts and bearings and rear bump stops!!
  12. Yep. Stubby on order, as are 2x VW flip keys and new blades. Bodywork is pretty good. Couple of marks, but nothing drastic. Might get the front end and rear bumper sprayed at some stage.
  13. Looking good. I used to live in Redditch. Spent best part of 26 years of my life there. Live just up the road near the NEC now.
  14. Spent most the day fitting the Pro Sport coilovers that i got from eBay for Gemmas Lupo. I took it for a test drive this evening once i had cleaned up (there wasnt any daylight left). Better pics will follow once its cleaned and sunny tomorrow. Untitled by LukeDeakin, on Flickr Untitled by LukeDeakin, on Flickr 1 top mount nut was seized. Spent all my effort and had to get my cousin to help as i dont have any air tools. A rear spring seat was corroded into the beam and i hadnt realised, cue lots of swearing trying to ge the rear adjusters in till Gemma pointed it out. A quick tap with hammer/screwdriver and it was out. Also, 1 nut holding the top mounts/spring plates on to the old front shocks was stuck tight. Had to get the neighbour to help with a bench vice and my 7mm brake allen key. Ended up wasting about 3 hours in total just because of these things.
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