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    vw lupo 1.0e
  1. 23bluboy

    My Black Lupo 1.4 (getting there slowly)**

    yep i know it includes round things and colored things lol
  2. 23bluboy

    the making of KT

    yep i go there but only come into main car park once a week on a thursday so that's the only parking spot available the other car parks are not dub friendly too many high speed bumps lol, do you go there too? lol i wish KT is up and running fully now no problems whatsoever i need to remove the add lol
  3. 23bluboy

    the making of KT

    new stereo installed
  4. 23bluboy

    the making of KT

    so eventually i got to put the bump strips back on as i wanted in summer and this was the result
  5. 23bluboy

    the making of KT

    went to the coco meet that was good
  6. 23bluboy

    the making of KT

    so i thought i go winter mode with my 13's
  7. 23bluboy

    the making of KT

    wow it's been a while since i updated my profile, well not much has gone on since we all in the so cold winter mode time but i've managed to do a few bit and bobs
  8. 23bluboy

    Club Lupo culinary treats...

    welcome to Master lupo/Arosa cook show
  9. 23bluboy

    Stu's Lupo Gti- ICE SQ install/Custom Dash

    ii agree with everyone this is a unique project on another level just read through 2 years of your mods, hands down to you great car and specs also good luck on your next competition sound looks the part
  10. 23bluboy

    the making of KT

    got to wait till monday now cheers i guess everyone has their opinion in my eyes not enough painting lol
  11. 23bluboy

    Anyone want some wind deflectors ??? Hahaha

    the 8 people bought them at £23.99
  12. 23bluboy

    the making of KT

    i know but good thing i had that gearbox spare lol so managed to take it garage today hopefully read for pickup tomoz
  13. 23bluboy

    the making of KT

    Kt has caught the winter bug gearbox and clutch gone so parked up till get the funds to fix it so back on the bike for a bit ?
  14. 23bluboy

    Koop's Loops - now Golfs

    it's a shame stef's arosa is gone could have been ideal in winter plowing the snow koop we need some updates on ya gash loop it's been a while
  15. 23bluboy

    the making of KT

    cheers i had to use wire cutters and long nose to to pull out, but i figured an easy way of doing it i will do a drawing and illustrate the easy way thanks yeah the lights are only 15cm long and fit in the grooves but they were a pain getting in as they are close to the edges when i get a chance will take a daylight photo with them off cheers koop nice motor you got for the mrs welcome to the blue family

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