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  1. 4 hours not the end of the world and only 2 hours with a whine ! Will be interesting if you can remember the person from Kent
  2. oh that is very interesting. we are in Folkestone in Kent but would not mind a drive if its a day job so any recommendations would be very welcome and I really appreciate the picturizes. Thanks Steve
  3. Steve Mo


    Gearbox whine I have a 1ltr lupo y reg with a full history and only 50k on the clock but it has developed a gearbox whine mostly in 3rd and 4th speed. At first I thought it sounded more like a wheel bearing but garage said its gearbox. Changes gear really well so I am surprised it's gone or going and apparently its bearing noise so do you think we should live with it till it gets worse or look for a recon box. Any thoughts welcome Thanks Steve
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