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    lupo gti and polo 9n
  1. lanky28

    My GTi

    looks a clean example, for the wheels i'd go gold or anthracite/dark silver as it goes well with black cars, red looks ok but better on silver cars imo
  2. what wheels have you got in mind next mate?
  3. Looks absolutely ace, what back box is that pal?
  4. looking good, mines a black gti too so im a fan of this, what colour you painting it or just the original black?
  5. I could sell you mine but there white and I'd need a swap because there on my car at the minute
  6. Got them fitted today! Fit an absolute treat, good job I bought camber bolts though because I had to put some camber on to stop my tyres being eaten by my arches, no need to elongate holes they fit straight on and go stupid low for anyone interested, thanks for the help guys
  7. Ok mate thanks a lot for your help finally got an answer!
  8. I've bought these second hand though so I can't do much about it, think they'll be ok?
  9. Would kW v1s off a normal lupo fit a gti? Many thanks
  10. I've bought a set of coilovers off a normal lupo hoping to put them on a gti, just wondering if they'll fit or if there completely different? Thanks in advance
  11. what coilovers are you on mate, ap's?
  12. looks smart man, i must say derby tps are spot on for service
  13. Think I saw this at dub fiction last week? Looks mint mate
  14. Change the coil pack if that doesn't sort it I'd get a compression test, it's strange you don't have a warning light coming up, mine used to come on when I was flooring it then after a few days came on constantly
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