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  1. Declan96

    New and in need of help!

    easy fix, I had the same problem when I bought my lupo but would work on number 2 aswell. you can get a resistor on ebay for a tenner and takes less than 5 minutes to fit. In the passenger side foot well under the dashboard you will see a foam cover which needs to be taken off, a couple of torx screws holding this on I think. then if you look up under the dashboard you will see the part to change out which is held on by 2 screws iirc just undo these unplug the old one and put the new one in. put the foam back on then its job done!
  2. Declan96

    front grill and badge, and front and rear seats

    indicators now gone
  3. Declan96

    front grill and badge, and front and rear seats

    yer fine, ive messaged you
  4. Front grill with badge good condition £25 ono + £3.50 postage Front indicators one has a scratch across the front but cannot see unless up close £10 + £3.50 postage Front and rear seats dark grey very good condition no rips or tears £50 + £40 postage would prefer collection from Portsmouth for the seats but can post if necessary Open to offers Pictures to follow
  5. Declan96

    boss kit

    boss kit wanted to fit standard 1.4s with a pcd of 70mm with 6 holes looking for one on here as dont really want to spend £60 on one and cant find any on ebay that say theyl fit Declan
  6. Declan96

    fitting a vw badge boot handle

    ahh cheers mate if its electric that makes it easy, luckily im a welder fabricator by trade
  7. Declan96

    fitting a vw badge boot handle

    hi, ive had a look on the forum but cant find it covered anywhere but im sure someone must have done it before. i want to remove the original boot handle, smooth it off and where the badge is insert one from a golf or Passat where the boot handle is actually incorporated into the badge i.e pushing the top of the badge opens the boot. I'm assuming the boot is opened by a metal rod rather than electrically? just trying to find out whether it is relatively easy to do because I think it could be a right ball ache and wanted your opinions before I started. Declan
  8. Declan96

    Lupo first car??

    ive got a lupo as its my first car 1.4, its a good little car to drive around town in and good for parking due to its small size although ive got stubby aftermarket mirrors which are awful, but like any small car when I was motorway driving for around 2 hours the noise was a bit annoying. ive been driving nearly a year and my insurance was only £1200 with a box (also including a motorbike accident claim) which is good considering I know someone who pays over £2000 for a 0.9L corsa.
  9. Declan96

    Removing Black plastic door protection Trim

    read the how to and saw that everyone was having trouble getting the adhesive left behind and getting blisters, I bought a rubber erasure wheel from machine mart put it in a drill and spun it quite slowly it removed all of the sticky residue in minutes well worth the £5 https://www.machinemart.co.uk/shop/product/details/power-tec-stripe-off-disc-with-shank Declan
  10. Declan96

    detachable tow bar

    I need to fit a towbar to my lupo to tow a small jet ski and motorbike trailer, been looking at the detachable ones as I don't really want a towball sticking out the back bumper. has anyone used detachable towbars before and know how good they are looking at this one on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/251698172247?_trksid=p2060778.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT? was told in GSF that they can develop play between the part that holds the swan neck of the towball on? if a detachable one isn't the way to go anyone fitted a fixed one and know how much Ill have to cut the bumper? Thanks Declan

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