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  1. Its up on the ramp, AHU single mass and clutch on its way. I will try and update this thread with tech info etc and pictures.
  2. Without wishing to be a pedant the front is a mc person strut as it utilises the wishbone and control arms the rear is basically a coilover unit, attached as it is to a trailing arm🀐 Just so as not to cause confusion πŸ€“
  3. battlebus

    tdi gearbox

    Hope so, got the box on the floor and Nath primed to start the swap after the bank holiday, taken two weeks so far
  4. battlebus

    tdi gearbox

    Jamie is away at the mo apparently, he has messaged me a couple of times as I have some parts coming. courier issues atm but hoping they arrive soonπŸ˜•
  5. Well its enough Lupo for me 😁 I could have done with the roof line remaining but other than that its excellent in my book. I am chasing more torque in mine soon, its going to be nowhere near this but I do get exactly why they used a small car to start, too many massive shiny p3nis extensions around in the road and a tiny car with a big engine turns them into an inny every time πŸ˜‚
  6. Not sure where the output flanges end up but driveshafts can be made to fit the gap and they are only short. would rather keep track the same and make the thing fit.
  7. Sitrep, I have a cable shifter and hydro pedal box on the way from a breaker so things are gonna get choppy soon. I have a TDi box from a golf, I think, point is it will fit a much bigger clutch and flywheel setup so its gonna get jammed in by my friend and diesel whizz Nath at Resto Classics while I am away working for a week in may. Its a bit of a trial but the theory is all lining up and worst case the casing is 30mm bigger so with a bit of fab and some "adjustment" this should see the torque back up. Its fun as it is but clutch is being a real wimp now and I have come this far so......😁
  8. All sorted now thanks, parts on the way 😊
  9. Hi, Any offer of above I need a Tdi or Gti pedal box and the cable shifter mech for my SDI turbo conversion. Got a tai box to go in with a much bigger clutch as the old unit is just a wimp
  10. Been today, caught up with a load pf people but it was a bit quiet I thought 😐
  11. Thinking I might drag the Lupo up to sandown park tomorrow, gonna go up for a mooch about and pick up a few bits but might be the ideal shakedown for a longer journey. Will see how I feel in the morning and whether I can be arsed to dig it out from the drive full. 😁
  12. Yeah the 1.7 has 1.9 on the block so we are thinking it should work, more measuring but as Nathan says the only way we will know is if we get it up in the hole and try it.
  13. Well we got another second hand flywheel and clutch assembly to have a play with but we also have a 1.9 tdi box we are gonna see if that will fit. This will tackle the clutch and the gearbox strength issues and give us slightly better ratios too. Long way to go but should have a great fun, fast and super expensive Lupo SDi turbo that doesn't shred the drivetrain by summer. Do any of you know if this has been done in the uk? or further afield, would love to know if we are the only loons ;0
  14. Gonna be honest dude I have a mate who is the brain when it comes to diesel tuning. Nathan at Resto Classics in Hastings, he did the tune and fitted the nozzles to the factory bodies I will ask him tomorrow about he size and timing
  15. It is nice and revy, we will get a curve plotted once we are happy with the drivetrain I think. its got more on the top than a 3pot tdi but similar to my 20. 16v tdi in my mk5 golf. As far as I know we changed the injector nozzles in the stock bodies then mapped the stock ecu. Its all a bit of an experiment but the first few drives are very pleasing. has totally transformed the SDI and even the idle is smoother
  16. Plan is once the other flywheel and clutch is here tomorrow we can compare to other stuff laying about and make a bigger version in the same space. Mk2 gti is 210mm so may work too
  17. Standard EDC15VM+ Lupo ecu flashed with new software Got the torque dialled back so the clutch copes for now and Nathan the guy responsible for the work and expertise has got a plan to get a bigger, better clutch assembly sorted. I have ordered a second hand flywheel and clutch assembly for measurements and mock up so hopefully we will come up with a solution
  18. We are up and running Modified Volvo V70 inlet, Passat GT1749V turbo reclocked and an AFN exhaust manifold All running and buttoned up just got a few tweaks to do on maps and sensors clutch was tired anyway so slips when prodded so need an upgrade, anyone know of a 190mm upgraded kits they can recommend?
  19. Ok we have got the sdi turbo install done . We used Modified Volvo V70 inlet, Passat GT1749V turbo reclocked and an AFN exhaust manifold Added a Passat Side mount intercooler and swapped eco and injectors and we are making boost. Slight hitch is the clutch is pretty sad and we have found its limit so anyone any experience of uprated 190mm clutch kits?
  20. First drop with 165 50 15 tyres was still comfy, but didn't like the tyres. Current stance, smooth, no crashing and firm but not much over the stock stuff. Bear in mind the stock shocks will be done at anything over 80k and this ones did 130 o the stock stuff. Tyres now 185 45 15 and done over 10k on the cheap joms with no complaints at all. I have bilstein b14 kit on my other vehicle and that's lovely but couldn't justify the expense on this cheap car. id say if your going to drive it at sensible height like this, these are still better than any spring kit. If you dump it on its ass, it doesn't matter how expensive the kit is, it will run out of travel and be awful. Shocks bottoming out or bump stops are why most people fail, to drive low you really need other work like engine mount/ subframe moved, chassis notches, shock mounts moved etc. its quite a lot of work but you can get a good ride with a big drop, if you know what your doing.
  21. I have fitted Jom coilovers to my Lupo SDI and my sons Arosa TDi and both have been great. For a sub 200Β£ kit the ride is excellent. Firm but not too crashy. I dropped them both id say half the capability of the kit and although i catch the odd severe speed hump with the red end of the front sub mount i have never caught the sump. Its about adjustment of how you drive really and not straddling pavements etc. I priced replacing oe kit and it was way more
  22. Thought it looked like the 020 box. same size? could be cheap swap for better ratios down the line too πŸ€”
  23. Bit light on uk footage there but encouraging none the less
  24. Yeah, will do the turbo first and see what happens. Supposed to be a budget build 😁
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