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  1. Gauges galore I'm thinking about adding a separate oil pressure/temperature gauge to the supply line and will be keeping a solid eye on the ECU logs when first installed to ensure the Exhaust temps, oil pressure, intake and engine temps are all okay under the hood before sending it on the streets. Current slight smoke and slightly higher EGTs on the top end with a N/A injector upgrade and remapped to 90hp. Goes like stink already now especially as you hit 4k
  2. Yeah I guessed by now that the Drain will need to be. Got lots of welders at my disposal and friends in the trade. It's deffo not drilled out in production. Had a poke around and it's not a welded in bung as I'd hoped. I wouldn't want to mess with any switch feeds as it's a recipe for disaster if you manage to blow them off, good idea though! Just a T piece into there should do the trick in theory... I suppose cam covers could work also but I'd rather not tinker with that if I have to drill anyway, may as well be the sump as that might introduce heat issues? Im west mids based and there's not too many going here. Another identical SDI just showed up in the scrappies near me and everyone's gone nuts for parts lol
  3. Oh @mk2 in case you were wondering, these graphs are slightly optimistic but: Pre map + injectors: Post Map + Injectors:
  4. I'm still perplexed as to how everyone's done it though as there's always someone around the internet saying "Yeah I did it" but they've only shown the turbo bolted to the head. Anyone can bolt a turbo to the head but where on earth are you getting oil feed and return from? I sense a big "How to Turbo an SDI" post coming up from me imminently lol I'm just going to assume I will be needing custom lines as there's definitely no return on the block and the feed will just have to come from the filter housing which I verified has 2x blanked outlets with some standard bolts in. Then comes the question "does one have enough pressure in?" Only way to find out is to remove one and crank it! Looked around the scrappies near me today and as with near enough all cars of the last 20 years they all had oil coolers coming off the filter housing and 90% had turbos removed...
  5. @Mk2 When originally mapping the car to see what I could get out of it without messing with injection timing (not that good at it yet) I ended up maxing the fuel tables and the old injectors just wouldn't make the car smoke what so ever even with ludicrous numbers like 60mg fuel per stroke. Those OEM ones can't keep up at all as I'm sure you found! Initially, no smoke on new injectors but the map I had with tons of fuel soon shone through. I have since remapped it again with a more "eco friendly" performance approach and it's not only picked up a lot of torque and bit of HP but it's not smoking. ECUs "Learn" injector sizes so once it starts smoking like a bitch on uprateds, you just reduce the fuel slightly or tinker with ignition timings to ensure you're squashing as much as you can in and get the best burn possible. It's all rocket science to most but it's basically max quantity of the cylinder depending on the mix, Mix dependant on A/F values etc etc etc... My biggest concern with turboing is looking after the dinky gearbox however that should be remedied by making a subtle map that eases fuel in, gradually spooling up the turbo for a kick in the higher end rather than down low. Best for both gearbox and engine since we "Assume" it's the 1.9 TDI rods but they might have given the SDIs the "throwaway" parts assuming they'd never need the solidarity of an engine with 35psi running through it (as I map all 1.9 TDIs to 30-32psi with a bit of overrun expected if someone asks for a moon map lol) I like rolling a bit of coal if you stomp it because it makes tailgaters and the absolute crack heads of the road think twice. Also fun for the arsehole cyclists who "own the roads"
  6. Hi everyone, I needed a reliable daily around a year ago when I blew the engine up in my 350z so a friend sold me his awesome 1.7SDI Lupo, which I named "Blinky". (I always name my cars after pac-man ghosts, colour dependant) I brought the car with a replaced engine ready to be turboed but I still haven't gotten around to it yet. Running Coilies lowered to a reasonable height where she still passes speed bumps (we have some really tall ones here) Some sweet wheels that match the colour of the car, I believe they're 8j, 15" Car handles like it's on rails, or as I like to say it's like a big go-kart. Uprated Injectors (215s from a 90 or 105 I believe, maybe 130 I can't remember) Remapped by myself to improve power output and smoothen engine response and throttle response. (No more sluggish behaviour or tractor sounds) OMP Steering Wheel with Boss kit. (Clone, but nice and firm) Head Unit replaced with a Pioneer DAB Double Din. All door speakers replaced with Pioneer TS-G170c 50W Rear speakers installed with the help of the custom fabricated adapters, again Pioneer TS-G170c 50w. All Speaker Wire replaced with Vibe "Oxygen Free" cables Rear seats removed and replaced with a huge single 12" sub box ported to 30hz for some nice back massages (36 inches wide) Ground Zero 12" GZRW 30-P2 600w RMS Subwoofer on a Pioneer GM-D9701 1200w RMS amp Amp runs on 4 gauge Vibe wiring to and from a second 650AH battery in the boot regulated by a Stinger Battery Isolator.
  7. Hi everyone, I've come to the end of my googling solving absolutely none of my questions on this topic but I always seem to land on threads here so figured I'd see what those who have done it or have the know how have to say on the matter. I apologize for the long post in advance! I brought a 1.7 SDI Lupo almost a year ago now from a friend who was the 2nd owner and had always planned to turbo charge the beast. I purchased a few extras from him including: 215 (I think? memory fades quick) injectors which I believe are from a pre-PD 90 or 105. (These have already been installed and damn, what a difference!) TD03 turbo with exhaust manifold and inlet manifold from a mk3 golf TDI (So I have been told, need to double check the part numbers) Manual twisty boi boost controller for vacuum control. Front Mount Intercooler. I have since sat on these parts for the last 8 months and really want to get it done. My biggest question is Oil Feed and Return lines as my Lupo is one of the engines with the 1.9 stamp on the block but I don't know if the return is blanked or has a bolt in it. (I presume it's blanked)... I had a look at the oil pump on these SDIs and I can see that there's a set of 4 blanked off ports on the filter housing, are these enough to just slap a feed on? And for returns, I will likely just have to drill a hole in the sump, weld in an AN fitting and make a custom line? Intercoolers, I have read that I might be able to get away with no intercooler as long as I definitely plan on running a cold air intake (Which I will be given it's going to get toasty behind the block!) Oh and Oil Coolers, a must or forget it? I want something simple but reliable.... The current situation is that I used this engine to learn how to map EDC15 ECUs of which has gone really well. Mapped in the new injectors to avoid smoke and have made a map that is turbo ready to avoid stressing the bottom end with too much boost or making the gearbox **** itself.... Gotta say for an SDI it's surprising how much an injector change can do. (ECU stats according to EDCsuite show 65HP and around 160lb/ft torque. Though it's definitely nippier I wouldn't say it's quite that but maybe one day we'll dyno it properly) Popcorn and Launch Control were added for the scene points too, it sounds stupid but that's the goal. (Interestingly, the SDI Map has all the map tables for MAP/MAF and also the N75 Valve in, so while it's possible to wire them in for full boost control, I won't be doing so and just run a boost gauge with the manual controller. Sending it is what me and my friends do.) Attached is a picture of my lupo, I'll further introduce the beast in another post later.
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