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    nothing yet :( ( gonna get lupo gti)
  1. zeelupo

    Old K.A or Volkswagen Lupo

    Im tied in a decision between the two, which one seems better? Value wise and insurance wise. Im a new driver?
  2. Is there any ways of getting around this problem, without removing seats or folding down the seats. Also i would like to know what you can fit into the lupo's boot aswell. Thanks
  3. zeelupo

    where can i buy a lupo 3l

    I cant seem to find any on autotrader, is there any other place I can find a lupo 3l in the uk?? Thanks
  4. zeelupo

    spotted in ilford

    white seat arosa old design custom body kit, green xenon lights. Anyone???
  5. zeelupo

    Lupo in orange

    Has anyone here on this forum got a picture of a lupo in orange colour just wondering what it would look like ? Thanks
  6. zeelupo

    how do you debadge a car

    im wondering how do you debadge a car such as the lupo and the up. thanks
  7. zeelupo

    Question about the UP gt

    Is it going to come out i mean it was shown as a concept in 2011, i like the looks of it do you guys?
  8. zeelupo

    could you make the up look like the lupo

    thank you lupopo
  9. zeelupo

    could you make the up look like the lupo

    also are there any body kits for the up yet ? to make it look sporty
  11. zeelupo

    I need to ask

    what is faster 2004 prius or any seat arosa from 2004 btw i am new here. thanks

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