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  1. Oo hmm ok ha and wouldn't it be better to take them off before you get a paintjob? If you leave them on then you will have a strip of old paint when you remove them
  2. Aww I've got to the end of the build! Hurry up and get some more pics up or I'll have to get in my time machine and go into the future <3
  3. Not sure I like those giant wheels but looks good anyways! Are you going to remove the bump strips?
  4. No it dosn't leave a gap it's just stuck on
  5. Yeah I would of done that.. Here it is if you wanna see for comparison nvm I see you went on my thread lol
  6. Best colour Lupo hehe, I have those steelies but sprayed em silver. They look ok
  7. We may have the same name but I MUCH prefer your car <3
  8. Welcome! I'm from Cannock so not too far! I personally don't like tints on Lupo's but it's your car! Welcome
  9. You got any pics of the outside? lol
  10. Lowering springs? 40mm or 60mm? I don't know if there would be any to fit that car though but I'm sure there is
  11. LupoJoe

    Hi there!

    Great looking car! Welcome to CL
  12. Congrats on passing and you don't waste time with your mods. Not keen on the wheels but nice car
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