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  1. .Phase

    Lupo TDi

    Need one before 18th August
  2. where are you based? how many miles to a tank? how much is tax?
  3. .Phase

    Lupo TDi

    I'm not desperate enough atm to travel that far says 150+ miles so probably nearer 200 after I include driving on actual roads xD I check everyday xD
  4. .Phase

    Lupo TDi

    those two have a bit high mileage sorry! Still looking, have up to 4k to spend something more like 50k would be good
  5. Find me a VRS with decent mileage oh that, and I'd rather have the Ibiza over Fabia anyday, lighter + better equipped, cheaper too sold a 50k 1.9 TDi 130 '03 reg for £3950 a year ago + Tax is £120?
  6. Pretty much all of those don't apply to the TDi hydruallic clutch (Y) Does anyone have any suggestions of other cars? Budget 3k really want £30/yr tax 50+ mpg Only other thing I found is Clio, but there gearboxes are awful, or the 1.6 I test drove once was, hopefully just an abused one
  7. I'll probably end up buying one xD They handle better than a Citroen C1 which is the only other alternative I have thought of and I can mod it really cheaply tinted front lights, manditory peado bear sticker
  8. There's something about Lupo's that I love for town cars I need you make me not buy one (Y) What goes wrong? I can remember the window motors, starter motors, rear washer disconnects, gearboxes on most are dog, clutch cable stretches on nonhydraullic models (TDI+GTI) I am thinking of getting a TDi because of the running costs, I need something cheap for a while so £30 road tax and 65+mpg make sense
  9. .Phase

    Lupo TDi

    Cash ready Saturday after sale of my car, let me know if you are selling or thinking of selling
  10. revs hard? lupo sport is stupidly slow! the only thing I can think of is your car has been modified without you knowing or your first car was a mobility scooter! get it on a rolling road! 5th gear at 30mph I can only imagine it would barely move!
  11. they are great fun to drive, handle nicely, very unique but tbh I had more trouble than it's worth with mine gearbox will break whether you like it or not! You can never push the car to it's limits without the fear of it destroying the car the engine is always very limp below 4krpm and it grows tiring never having that low down power to just nip about town then you think you have a small engine economical car... think again, probably get about 30mpg? GTi just solves all these problems and seems a far better buy I can't blame you if you buy a sport, they are great fun but expect problems oh l
  12. PEDAL BOX GEARBOX both WILL break and will cost lots my advice? avoid sports! wait until you can afford to insure a GTi
  13. yeah you gotta upload pictures somewhere else and add the tags sounds really nice! could probably change door speakers & tweeters yourself it's really easy!
  14. the Mk4 golf fits the 1.8T so I'd guess it would have different mounts and therefore won't be a straight fit! just guessing tho
  15. well it has got different alloys on different sides!
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