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  1. I'd use a proper penetration fluid like ferrosol or plus gas. Acetone and auto gearbox oil works a treat too.
  2. I can tolerate a loud nice exhaust note. I can remember being behind a gallardo once and it was so loud yet not annoying. Same day got stuck being a focus with a horrible exhaust which was horrible. IMO a well designed exhaust system is what you want as it won't drone or be silly loud or have an annoying note. When you start just taking out silencers it can save hit or miss. Usually hit if you have a v8.
  3. So much talk about volume. No word about sound. Shame.
  4. You take the old stuff out and put in new stuff.... But seriously. Maybe see if you can dig up a workshop manual for it as auto's can be a bit of a pain. In a manual it's drain and refil. Not usually so easy in modern autos. Remember they usually have filters that need replacing too. Also make sure you get the right fluid too. I'd stick with oem for autos. just my opinion though.
  5. When rich says something. Just trust it's right lol.
  6. This is super hilarious. But also really interesting. I really hope this is real as to get it running at all is pretty crazy. Anyone know what compression sdis run?
  7. If it's a £5er it's worth a punt. I use clone cables for most things like my gellato and mpps and they work fine.
  8. lol seriously your not even reading the replys. Take 5mins and read what these guys are telling you. So far as you being a mug it's your money spend it how you like. An electrian!? Lol vagcom can he run by a computer illiterate. Also it's up to to be interested in diesels or not but understand this. If you don't know something your at the mercy or people who do. You will pay heavily for their information. Now skezza and sausage and helping you for free but your not really being very nice back. Your garage guy (not saying he is) but could shaft you because you lack of knowledge. But ultimately
  9. I think the newer ones are for newer cars. But the eBay ones are all good. The drivers always suck though so try to source them from the internet.
  10. Lol at this thread. It's like it's not being read.
  11. Same here but the diesel purge remained clear. Although when I did the water decarb there was some sooty deposits from the exhaust.
  12. I smashed it at all revs my diesel purge stayed clear? Maybe as I use 2 stroke too?
  13. I think it's your inner cv joints to. Lowering out stress on everything espicially at 70mm but usually cv joints, ball joints are driveshafts. Depending on fwd or rwd. But lowz over driving though. Just wait until whatever breaks. Then you will know what was at fault.
  14. It depends. Although it is a 02j gearbox the arosa and lupo used a EXB gearbox that has certain ratios. Technically the Audi a2 tdi and other 1.4 tdi's should fit but you would have to look that up. Also they would have different ratios. By how much I'm not sure. A guy fitted a polo blue motion gearbox to his a2 with some work.
  15. Did you use a drill bit to lock the shifter in the interior or not bother?
  16. Dblock

    Yo Lupo People

    Useful tips? Try the search. Covered in depth.
  17. IMO you want a "race pipe" to get rid of the butterfly valve although the golf tee mod can stop the egr working. Then get the blanking plate for the manifold and block it there. Get a gasket too.
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