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  1. That is true of older diesels. Anything with high pressure injectors pd and up will fail on veg oil or not top grade bio diesel.
  2. Tl;dr but from what I get your arguing with yourself. Keep it up.
  3. Professinal bullcrap detector. Read the link it's all explained there. I don't think you rally understand anything then if you didn't understand that. A hummer gets 4mpg and a Mondeo 35mpg. Both cars are only given 1 gallon of fuel. They are both burning the same amount or fuel therefore hummer = Mondeo. That's your logic. You brought up this whole Prius is worse than hummer. I got you a link showing it was from the the daily mail and proving it was false. Don't cry about it.
  4. The toyota will only last 109k miles while the hummer would last 379k. Called it. Also a daily mail article. People will believe anything these days. http://www.thecarconnection.com/tips-article/1010861_prius-versus-hummer-exploding-the-myth
  5. Over what lifetime though. That's the point. Diesels won't die but legislation and govermebf restrictions will kill them. I can bet you in the next 20 years they will ban all pollution emitting vehicles in London. Well the centre anyways.
  6. Not really, battery tech needs to get better. The tesla gigafactory is supposed to make the price of batteries super cheap but we will see with that.
  7. Battery proves are dropping yearly. Plus battery tech is more reliable than thought. Mk2 Prius''s from 1999 still going. Leafs with 100k miles only losing 10% of their range. Plus batteries can be re purposed. Say you got a leaf. 24kwh battery. Say you lose 50%. Stick it in your house and use it there. It can charge at night and depending on your house size still last you days.
  8. That's my point why diesels suck. Our generation of diesels where fairly simple and put in small cars. Then they jacked up the power and fuel consumption took a nose dive. Also DMF, DPF, turbo and clutch failure are very very common and very costly where as the 1.9 tdi and sdi's didn't suffer too much. You can get crazy high powered hybrids and get 40+mpg in a car that won't blow injectors or dpfs. Infinity q hybrid and the lexus gs450h. If your looking at the high mpgs then a civic 1.6 dtec will get you those sort of figure but can you not see that diesel's are on the decline and petrol engi
  9. Dblock

    1.4 tdi foam

    Probably for better aero, keep the engine warmer and maybe sump protection?
  10. Yes they are. http://www.teslamotors.com/en_GB/findus#/bounds/56.50559699999999,-2.8356419000000415,56.4436037,-3.0980246000000307,d?search=store,service,destination%20charger,
  11. Dblock

    1.4 tdi foam

    I'd like to know what this actually does as my engine is missing it.
  12. What do you mean you don't have tesla? Probably about 90 miles. Many people? No doubt it. I used to commute 120miles a day. I managed it in the leaf no problem. I only commute 40 miles now. 20 miles there and then back. Charge up at the charging point. It's great. I'm not going to argue about it tbh as most people haven't driven one so it's just useless debating it. LOL!
  13. Mainly a hammer to smash all the bones in your hand so you can reach the relay lol.
  14. I don't understand what your talking about.
  15. Lastly that is the English governments fault. They lack any initiative. Scotland will soon be 100% renewable and to you that's just a hippie thing but to us that means we don't need energy from anyone. More stable supply.
  16. Lies. Scotland has a massive energy surplus. Also regarding the moving the problem on is hilarious. You should see much electric is needed to refine petrol.
  17. Hydrogen is being pushed by the oil industry. Your really think they are going to use nuclear to use water? Look at a tesla with 90kwh batteries. That's more than enough. That's like 350-400miles. Add a rapid charger and it will take you not long to top that up. BEV's are the way forward.
  18. Nope. My leaf would whoop my arosa tdi. Which is modded. The leaf is not.Have you drove an eletric car?
  19. Good. Petrol cars should be relegated to weekend or important cars. Eletric is far better.
  20. That is true. You don't need a cat on diesels. I've decatted most of my diesels with turbos. Makes them stink though. But diesels don't smell nice anyway.
  21. My 109 failed intermittently. Which was annoying. I got the part for under £10 on eBay and it fixed it. But as said is in the worst place ever lol.
  22. True. I personally find 5-7k a happy medium. Blue looks cool. Yellow lights are for French cars in the 80's lol.
  23. The guy speaks truth. NOx is the thing that bad for people. Co2 is just a green house gas, NOx causes really really nasty CAN (not will) cause nasty diseases. Peer review means nothing. Doctors where telling you to smoke back in the day and still prescribe dangerous pharmaceuticals today. All about the money. So NOx what about it. Well you get NOx from diesels due to the massive heat. Heat comes from the massive compression. Mazda and other Japanese diesels run at much lower compression 16:1 rather than 20 or higher to lower NOx. All those companies you name DESERVED to be named and shamed,
  24. Geneunily a cracking car. Will miss it. New owner will be over the the moon.
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