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  1. Go for a satin black or gloss black won't make people think stupid fake carbon lol
  2. Haha! Well I changed the temp sensor after 20minutes of struggling to realise the old seal was still in the pipe! I just let all the coolant drain and replace saves trying to keep it sealed while fiddling with the clip. Seems to have done the trick, let it get to temp then shut it off for 15 min and started again lovely!
  3. It's not immobiliser it doesn't even try to start sometimes. If it was immobiliser it would start and cut out. I'll try the temp sensor if not onto the crankshaft.
  4. Basically car starts fine from cold, but say I pop to the shop and come out it won't start. Turns over and over and when it does it idles at about 500rpm shudders like crazy then picks up and buzzes of fuel... Coilpack done with leads and plugs still no joy. What's crankshaft failure symptoms?
  5. Ok cheers guys ill rip all the trim off tomorrow and have a look, also noticed its wet in the back passenger side too?
  6. Done a quick search and unveiled nothing. I've noticed recently that my passenger side carpet is soaking with all the bad weather we've been having. But I also noticed droplets of water leaking over the passenger side trim by the speakers, any known leaks from that area? Any ideas would be great, thanks.
  7. Still got these dude, cash waiting
  8. They do alot for the GTi im sure, Janspeed, Scorpion not sure about miltek/piper etc, also kam racing do a shiney nice 421 with proven gains.
  9. Balls sorry i thought i forgot someone! yeah no longer for sale. got other commitments before i focus on the car haha sorry guys.
  10. 3lward

    Pedal box issues

    Think the only way to solve them completely is weld some brackets on!
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