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  1. I've only gone and bought myself a GTI engine and the idiot has gone and dropped the engine and the sump took the hit I'm in the process of rebuilding the whole engine and can't get my hands on a GTI sump does anyone know where or who could sell me one ?????
  2. Does any know an easy way to stiffen the rear suspension, im running rota grids 8j 0et on the rear and they scrub on my arch quite abit. I've rolled and flared my aches and have added camber shims and still rub like a lovely person going around corners Has any use spring assisters before and would having bump stops in help ?
  3. Give your local Seat dealer garage a call they should get you a brand new one
  4. JoshArosa


    You can do it yourself but it will be a bugger do get it prefect, as I found out the hard way on my polo I used a old bumper which cut up and plastic welded it in the reg gap then smoothed over it with filler in thin coats My advice would be buy a cheap one of ebay and get a local body shop to do it (if your not up for a challenge) Hope this helps abit
  5. Do your wheels need radius or tapered bolts? And mine where about 23mm long (thread length) http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/performance/wheel-nuts-bolts/grayston-wheel-bolt (just to give you an idea)
  6. Yeah it's bit pricey I know, just wondering if anyone has used them
  7. Has anyone used a stud conversion kit before and id there any down sides to them ? http://www.tirerack.com/accessories/detail.jsp?ID=227&brand=TPI&cat=Tools
  8. I'm also invested in having a look at what you do
  9. Tempted to do something like this as well could you post a photo ?
  10. Rolling arches isn't a massive problem when you have the proper tool
  11. I just recently dismantled mine in my arosa Speedo: One screw under the cover, ones that's out pull the cover towards you and it should come off. Then there's a couple of screw which are holding the plastic around the speedo. Then there should just be about two-ish screw holding the speedo in lift the speedo up and it should come free, there's two connecters on the back of the cluster which you can disconnect. Air vents: On the drivers side vent you will need to push the light switch in and to the right and it should pop out, then there is a screw holding the vent in. Under the dial should be a little cover which has a hidden screw under it, the you can pull the vent out. The passenger side I'm not too sure on how to remove but I'm guessing give it a pull and see if it moves or pry at it with a flat head screw driver. Centre console: Remove your head unit (and the lower din if you have it) there will be two screws in the front lower corners and one at the back, and unplug the hazard button. The panel at the top of the centre console in-between the window blowers vent and the centre vents can be preyed off and 4 screws will be hold the top of the centre console. Then just pull carefully from the bottom and the pop out Hope this helps
  12. Yeah im running coilovers atm and planing of going lower soon, I might just get staggered and go 8J rear 7J fronts
  13. Have you tried using a multi meter ?
  14. No I haven't had a look what should i look for ? I had another go at it today and i think its a bad wire from the battery because i got it working then about a hour later didn't , i moved the wire around abit and it worked after so im think of just replacing the wire and see what happens.
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