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  1. Getting really sick of this problem now. Spent £200 getting the passenger door catch replaced today as a diagnostic showed it to be faulty. The interior light comes on now, but so does the alarm still..............
  2. Anybody? I had the battery tested yesterday and it was 50% down on charge. I removed and recharged it over night, refitted it just now and the alarm still goes off. Starting to get really hacked off with this now, we can't use the car as we can't lock it............
  3. Hi guys, long time no post! Bit of an annoying fault with the wife's Lupo at the moment. The alarm started going off on it's own accord at 1am this morning, resulting in me stood outside in my jim jams disconnecting the battery! I took a good look at things today and with the help of Google, I think I have narrowed the fault down to the passenger side interior light switch. The light fails to come on with this door open but it does with the driver's door and boot. Also, of late the wife has noticed that once the car is unlocked, if you open only the passenger door, the car will lock itself aga
  4. Me neither, but then I am probably over 10 years older than the average Joe on here! Will have a gander at it though, I'm slowly getting into photography more.
  5. Just a quick update on the Votex kit front, a pic posted on the SWDubs site shows that the full kit included side skirts. I realise they're quite hard to make out in this shot but I they certainly complete the look with out going over the top. More than likely made from rocking horse poo though!
  6. Cheers guys. 9n it shall be!
  7. The LCR was great but when you've got a baby, rent, bills and only 1 wage coming in, the insurance, fuel bills and road tax really sting! I bought it with my heart and not head to be honest, and paid the price! I thoroughly recommend them though, fantastic cars if you can justify the costs.
  8. I'd say I'm still really attached to the T4 to be honest. Mainly out of all the hours I put into turning it from a rattly old AA recovery truck into a respectable family wagon! Honda build quality, I feel, was on par with VW. MG/Rover? err, not quite so!
  9. I've had a look to see if there's a similar thread around so apologies if this is a repeat! Most forums tend to have a car history thread so here's mine (well, the cars I have pics of anyway!) My first car, way back in 1996 was this awesome MG Metro 1300. So cool to have this at 17!: This was closely followed by such modern classics as a Mk3 Escort 1300L and a Mk2 Astra SRi 1800 (my first real fast car, susequently stolen and written off!). The Astra was reluctantly replaced by a rubbish but insurance friendly Citroen ZX 1.4 and after that a Rover 216. The Rover started an interest in that ma
  10. Name : Paul Age : 33 From : Originally from Bridgwater, Somerset but currently living in Helston, Cornwall Job : Aircraft Technician in the Royal Air Force Drives : 2002 VW Bora TDi 130 (mine), 2002 VW Lupo 1.0 (wifes!) Other Information : Interested in cars, car culture, motorsport, aviation and engineering Cheesy pic!:
  11. Bullet mirrors will look ace! You've done a nice job on the mount.
  12. I'm liking the idea of an Up (sorry VW, I can't stand the lower case 'u' and the exlamation mark!) and in a few years I rekon the wife will definately be in the market for one to replace the Lupo. The GT sounds like it will be a great little car but personally, I prefer the look of the base model with the retro style steelies. Poverty spec FTW!
  13. Sweet, that looks good. Does it give enough clearance with the hatch open? The biggest problem with the standard is it's fouling our spoiler and rubbing the paint slightly.
  14. If you're thinking steels then maybe consider those from other VW's rather than your original 13's. 15" G60's or the 14" Mk2 GTI 'mini' G60's look great with a coat of paint and some lows.
  15. As the title really. I'm after a stubby for both the Loop and the Bora and have come across this on eBay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/170658838942?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649#ht_616wt_689 What do people think? I'm assuming it's not strictly OE quality for the price so would reception suffer in relation to a proper OEM stubby? If so, what alternatives are there?
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