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  1. That's the one, had my plate P4NRY on it way back when. Good times!
  2. Pete mate, I do my 6 monthly (ish) lurk on here to see if my old BG02UTW is still about so really am totally gutted to hear that its come to it's demise. Spent many many hours on that car, remember the day I got it on the road- it was wales v ireland 6 nations 2007 and 18 year old me thought I was the tits! Used to take the wheels off every weekend and toothbrush the insides Care to drop me a PM to fill me in?
  3. Used to go out with the boys- IHI'd ibiza cupra at 330bhp, 150bhp Polo G40 and 240bhp K03s'd A3. On the long straights obviously they would pull away, but then through the twisty stuff i could keep up. They would be on the brakes, i could just ease off and chuck it in. Didnt think it understeered much at all! I got to the stage though where i needed to do the turbo thing, enjoyed that now and fancying something with a bit more refinement - got my eye on a 135i coupe or 123d coupe
  4. penry

    15" BBS Wheels

    Plus 550 for these is eye wateringly expensive!
  5. Agree. 20V's are very tunable but factor in at least 200 quid for a remap to get you to about 185-190 bhp, then universal intercooler + dump valve + exhaust + induction kit all usually end up following soon after. My old lupo (now loopete's) would kill my ibiza in standard form over anything but a straight bit of road, and then it wouldnt pull past by much. Chuck K03s into the mix though and we have a very different story
  6. penry

    83 Mk1 Gti

    This is the only reason i come on here any more! Im still on the go slow as usual, finding little bits of rust here and there which i end up spending ages putting right Look forward to seeing some more progress
  7. Man i still miss this car! What happened to the old silverlines on there? Glad to see its still looking great, i think i would cry if someone had it and wrecked it
  8. penry

    83 Mk1 Gti

    Mine's an AGU out of a donor A3 i bought. So i stripped it for everything, heard it run first etc. Sent the loom to Andy Outhwaite to be done plug and play, toyed with Qpeng etc or Emerald but decided i fancied keeping it OEM, i can keep my OBD port. My thinking as well was to get it running sweet first, see how it goes with 150bhp then either stage 1 upto 190 odd or go K03s as and when one crops up. Like i said if you want drop me a pm as im not on here much any more having left the lupo stable almost 3 years ago!
  9. penry

    83 Mk1 Gti

    Good stuff! Im all set with my engine, painted up as well as the bay, loom converted to plug and play into mk1 fusebox, just waiting to find a flywheel and then its all go. Only problem is my shell needs a rear panel and paint! Big problem in fact. If youve got any questions drop me a PM as i've spent hours trying to work out the ins and outs to get it right!
  10. penry

    Lupo 20v

    Man this thread has made the forum users look like a right bunch of cockerals. This guy has got a car with a lot of time and effort in it, shoot him down for not knowing the ins and outs, we all started somewhere! Those camber readings are basically all over the shop - -5degrees is BAD, -3 isnt better at all. Minus 1 degree on the front is acceptable from a handling setup point of view, but ideally 0 as it is basically neutral. Often with the cheaper sets there is no adjustment on the bolt holes, on my supersports i had to use a round file and elongate the holes to give more adjustment to the hub - sorted it right out Good luck mate, and i for one am envious. This must be an absolute weapon
  11. For future reference, you dont have to measure out 50/50. If your coolant is a bit low, stick some water in. If its looking a bit diluted, stick a bit of anti freeze in - usually pink. I cant believe your old man runs a garage and you havent at least got an interest in it?! And how can you own and run a modified car without knowing what the coolant is! Proper creased me!
  12. Radiator's job is to hold coolant. Coolant came out. Put some more back in the coolant bottle. Or couldnt you just push the car 10 metres?
  13. penry

    1.4TSI Conversion!

    Soon the tsi conversion will be the mainstay, like the g60 was before the 1.8t came along...
  14. Like you said it's to be expected!
  15. Because they only come once every 4 months Hopefully once ive got a tailgate it can go for paint then the rebuild commences!
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