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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BY2OFztWiuY&feature=related is it that?
  2. 243

    The Vento

    I've been waiting to see what you lads were gonna do with this... Looks mint, I love the US plate tub. This is the only car I've ever missed, was just so comfy. As for your first post saying the coilies were standard height... i did have it low for a few months and drove round like a granny but nowhere could do a proper wheel alignment and was eating tyres so got fed up and put it back to near standard, also took it in for MOT low and they failed it first time round! This was when I had it low
  3. Yeah I can comfirm its the same person! I like having hair, but it does my absolute tits in trying to 'style' it!
  4. Me recently in spain with hair Me a year or so ago, without hair
  5. I've got a 1980 £5 coin that my granddad gave me, still in a midland bank pouch! Also found a 1917 1pence coin recently.
  6. All the 'teenage' jokes about cocks and gays are wearing a bit thin now though, it's just not that funny. They could have taken a little longer on the final race, it was 8:56 and was thinking they weren't going to do it, then they crammed it in right at the end.
  7. That flair off the tree is amazing! I've got a good trials/street dvd called JIB, here
  8. 243

    low low low

    It's on air, thats why it's so low.
  9. I'd agree they probably don't compare to VTS/106 GTI but I know I would get bent over on insurance for one, whereas vtr would be ok.
  10. I'd get a VTR, I couldn't care less what stigma they have attached, at the end of it all they are a fun car to own and run, plenty of spares for when they do go wrong. Only get one if you have small pixie feet though.
  11. 243


    I had to have physio a couple of years back and there was this bird physiotheripist who used to get me to take off my trousers so she could stretch my hamstrings properly, So I'd just be laid on this bed in my boxers n t shirt and she would put one leg up and stretch it, one time my knob flopped out of my boxers as she lifted my leg up, was funny as ****!
  12. 243


    Daniel is so sickly, they have done something to his look, he looked much better in the auditions, look like a sleaze now. Rachel makes me piss, she wants to be there for her kids etc.. all this bull****, so what is she doing living away from them while she is on the show, plus she already has some in care. I cant stand her.
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