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  1. i'm from peterborough, work at the merc garage near tesco. got a mark 4 golf and arosa on air ride where u hang out then????
  2. anyone from peterborough area???
  3. it not a problem to do, but u def need the timng tools, i had to make a set and still struggles coz the idler pulley is veryhard to adjust without it
  4. arosajoe


    i got a load of randon raceing type of stickers if ya want?
  5. yeah i get this as well, got a 2001 arosa tdi, very weird, i have checked every thing and can't seem to find a reasonable reason for this??????????????
  6. yeah tried this, took apart but no corrosion present, any other reasons why my windows wouldn't work?
  7. a higher octane fuel with give a better, slower burn in your cylinder, controlling a smooth push down of your piston, and also ensuring the piston in pushed all the way to the bottom. optimsing your engines performance.
  8. my arosa 1.4 tdi driver side window switch has stopped working, any suggestions to what it could be? symtoms: windoes still work when you use the key and the passenger switch still works, when you press either window switch on driver side i can hear it clicking but nothing happens, also the lock and un lock button on the switch uni works fine. i took one switch apart to check for corrosion but it was all ok, any suggestions please??
  9. wicked colour, looks good, but i'd go for all black wheels.
  10. i did it in my arosa but the holes in the sides wernt the right size so have to make some small mounting plates. i would just get a good set of components ur front, use focal, i found them to be the best.
  11. i love arosa's loads more than the lupo but i wil even admit they are a better car, the lupo interior is much better for a start. i've spent so much time and money on my interior and it doesnt look much bter than a nice standard lupo to be honest. llol
  12. seems like to me he already knows everything, lol these lot we're just givin him some good advise. if he buys coilovers he's not gunna have the problems he's gunna get, every one on here is just trying to save him money time and effort in the long run.
  13. i've been looking for ages, no one makes them at all so my bro is making me one, he's good at that sort ot thing. lol
  14. arosajoe


    never seen it but i work with someone that does it. he's freekin huge!!
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