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  1. Hi I have an o2 plate bought 2 years ago with 49k and I have just clicked 56k. Red, heated black leather, sunroof, a/c, original vw stereo with single cd. original bathurts but been sprayed black before I got it. Its my forever car that I will keep original. I have a work car so doesnt get used too much.
  2. Lewis46

    keep it classic or mod it?

    hi, I have now had my Lupo GTI for 18 months. I have been after one for a long time. I managed to get a 02 plate GTI 53k on the clock in flash red with heated black leather, sunroof, a/c and vw single cd under original head unit. it has the original bathursts but they have been sprayed black. I have had it sorned as i have a company car but I now have decided I miss it too much and want to get it back on the road. Question-Do I keep it standard as a classic and even get the bathursts put back to standard, or do I mod it? it is tempting to mod it after what I have read on here but I am at the age where I appreciate classic originals that are detailed.
  3. Lewis46

    Silver lupo gti maidstone

    I spotted u pippard the other when we passed over the top of willington street just after work.nice looking loops ya got.
  4. Lewis46

    Silver lupo gti maidstone

    Spotted sunday through one way system in maidstone.nice and unabused by the look of it.
  5. Lewis46


    Its flash red gti with black standard bathurts with silver centers.
  6. Lewis46


    Im in maidstone!just bought red gti with black bathursts,heated leather and sunroof,think its got some sort of cat back but sounds sweet.mint condition 02 with 52k on the clock with full stamped vw history.not sure whether to mod or not?cant make this meet i'll try the next
  7. Always wanted one and just got my mits on an 02 plate,flash red,black heated leather,electric sunroof,ac,vw single cd.52k full vw stamped history.think it may have some aftermarket.cat back exhaust.original bathurts painted gloss black but withsilvercenters.im in love!!

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