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  1. Loving the GTD. Are the vauxhall steel rims 4 stud or have you done a 5 stud conversion? I can't find any 4x100 6.5x16" steel rims anywhere :-(
  2. I would also be interested in part numbers!
  3. £2000! I nearly snapped his arm off!
  4. I`ve been a member on here for a while even though this is actually my first post I think! I've been looking for a black TDi with A/C for aaaaaaaaages. Well..... I finally found one! Spec is Gloss Black 2001 Lupo Sport TDi 93,000 miles with FSH + factory options of - aircon - full leather - heated front seats - 6 disc changer - 14" Starlite Alloys I`ve totally fallen in love with it already! Ive got 360miles from my first tank of £40 with mixed driving which I think is pretty mega, my Bora TDi130 would only give 280. Its a bit rolley polley throuh the twisties & could do with a bit more oo
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