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    i used to play icehockey (netminder) fishing, rc car racing, fidling / cleaning the automobile etc :)

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  1. sorry to drag this up again, can anyone recommend a company that you have used in the past to rebuild the gti 6 speed box that charges a reasonable price. I am based in Grimsby (DN36) so the closer the better but i dont mind travelling a little if i have too.
  2. Grazza

    Lupo gti black and silver

    Do you still have the full front end (minus the wings) for sale? if so how much?
  3. Grazza

    lupo gtis breaking

    Hi, im after a full front end (minus wings) pref black just wondered if you still had it and how much?
  4. Grazza

    Lupo GTI Super 1600 ITB (264bhp)

    Hi, sorry to bring an old thread up, where did you get the adjustable cam from? im wanting a couple for a couple of engine's im building. I might need to pick your brains a bit more regarding valvetrain e.g. springs retainers etc etc. Thanks
  5. Grazza

    Lots off gti parts

    the engine cover i've got has a crack also, i'll take the airbox at £25 posted, pm me with your paypal details
  6. Grazza

    Lots off gti parts

    How much are you after posted? pm me?
  7. Grazza

    Breaking moon silver GTI

    passenger side wheel arch liner, engine cover and airbox? would need to be posted too
  8. Grazza

    Lots off gti parts

    air box, engine cover and passenger side wheel arch liner if you still have them? would need to be posted too
  9. still for sale? i need one, will take if they are for sale
  10. Grazza


  11. get them, you might need 5-10mm spacers depending how low (if at all) you are. i've got 15" x 7" and et43 and i need to put some 5mm spacers as i'm running 1 degree of camber.
  12. Grazza


  13. i know the selector seals and drive shaft cup seals are prone to going on them, you could get a rebuild kit and have a play yourself?
  14. im guessing gearbox? have you got any more pictures?
  15. Grazza

    BYE BYE Lupo

    here's pretty much what it looks like now, couple of changes (no stickers and i've got a yellow bumper as i've just done the centre exit conversion). Yes it's pretty much the same car as before, what can i say, i like the Red. I've got a GTI interior, custom headlining and a MOMO steering wheel now.

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