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  1. I miss the lupo!! I was never a fan of it on the white rims to be honest. Heres a pic from my time, I sold it 2 and a half years ago. cant believe I have been lupoless for so long to be honest. Now i drive a Honda Civic diesel to cope with my 100 mile commute! Im loving its current look though! if you ever want to sell drop me a line. Could easily be tempted to buy it back!
  2. Looks sweet mate!! Glad to see your keeping the Leddy stripe design going!!
  3. ive got one, drop me a pm if silver cant help.
  4. exactly. plus its still not a big car!!
  5. at the end of the day mini is just like any other brand of car these days. who can blame them for developing further a historically successful brand name. I drive a cooper s at the mo, and all the "its not a proper mini" talk is rubbish, its still a small car, just only small by todays standard. i know which one id rather have a crash in! the coupe looks awesome!! its the quirkiness i like about the designs BMW are churning out over the normal hatchbacks. I still love the clubman and i really dont know why because its ugly as hell!!
  6. ive gone from a lupo gti to a s/c coopers s. after having a focus st170 in between (we wont mention that though) and i must say even though i absolutely loved everything about my lupo my cooper s is in a totally different league. ok some say that a lupo gti would keep up with a mcs but after having driven the 2 i find it very very hard to believe. The mini pulls consistently better through every gear and handles a hell of a lot better as standard. i would highly recommend one. I do miss the rarity of the lupo ill be honest, but the supercharger whine is enough to make me forget that pretty quickly. Mine has the JCW aero kit on aswell which does a good job of making it look a little more special. 225bhp is very easy to come by aswell so thats next on my list. Pics of mine are below if interested.
  7. id keep the lupo mate. speed really isnt everything in a car mate. you will instantly miss the character the gti holds. if it were for a genuine r32 then id say maybe go for it. but a replica will always be a replica and therefore in many peoples eyes worth less than a standard car. a lupo gti will hold its money and never lose its rarity. whereas that to me is just a nice looking golf gti. Its side by side with the thousands of other nice looking golf gti's. plus that golf wouldnt come close to an r32 without the 4wd and the v6 engine note.
  8. apparently he cant even drive the car until first practice at valencia and hasnt driven an F1 car since April last year. Be interesting to see if he slots straight back in!!
  9. to be fair i genuinely cant see why we are going on about lupo gtis as at no point has scottyarosa said he wanted one!! i dont think you can buy a standard car thats not too old thats as much fun as a 182 for 6k. what kind of mileage do you do? ive heard many vaying reliabilty reports on 182's. seems theres an even split of good ones and bad ones. but then any car has its niggles.
  10. i had a similar thing after selling my gti a while back. I tested alot of thingsincluding ctr and 182. But ive just ended up with a facelifted cooper s, as it was the only thing that came close in terms of quality and nailed the gti in terms of performance. the supercharger makes a beautiful noise aswell!! i know they arnt cheap but id say its well worth trying to get hold of one. residuals are good too 182 residuals arnt the best tbh unless you go for a trophy. lupo gti residuals are still the best though
  11. leddy

    Leddys New Ride

    i think alot of people think the same to be honest. although the new turbo engine provides much better economy and emissions.
  12. to be perfectly honest i think your problem lies in the fact you bought budget tyres. i cant see how a standard lupo on ok tyres is easy to spin. rollover maybe!!
  13. is it to do with the ka/fiat 500/general motors link??
  14. leddy

    Leddys New Ride

    yeah i driven a new one on a few occasions. they are definately better built but feel alot bigger. the big centre speedo was always something that irritated me and unfortunately in the new ones they are absolutely massive! in terms of drive i really do prefer the supercharged one. the engine in the newer ones is more refined but the power delivery felt more lumpy. shame mine doesnt acheive the same mpg though. although its not a tiny car they are definately still go-kart like. the new model seems to have lost this a little as it feels noticeably bigger to drive. still good fun though.
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