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  1. Taxi Adam

    Blue GTI

    Was parked up in the car park yesterday (wednesday 11th)at probably about half 5.
  2. What a complete fool, he must think the middle of the road belongs to him. No use in filming other peoples bad driving if he is no better lol.
  3. Damn right! Sometime in the future, i value my subframe a little too much at the minute! Unlike our dom Thanks, cant help but think Cambridge rears would look better than the reds.
  4. Looks good! Epic arch rolling method
  5. i saw a photo from elsecar over on hdvag and thought it looked brilliant!
  6. Sweeeet! Been waiting long time to see this update!
  7. Bought a load of AutoGlym stuff so decided to clean the car at the weekend. Got me some mudflaps and wind deflectors so just a few pics of my effort. Treated the interior to an overdue clean! Looks really high here Must go lower. Though i think it is the angle of the drive with the amount of damage i do to the roads. Cheeky reflection of the brothers loop.
  8. Yeah i was fretting like mad since im trying to revise for my final exams and all my stuff is on here. I hate computers lol. I thought it must have been the update that kicked it off since is was fine before. Other than that, no idea!
  9. Aahh, it is back. Instead of Right click > Personalize > Theme it was Right click > Personalize > Color and Appearance It must have gone from Windows Aero to Windows Basic so i just changed it back. How random.
  10. Thanks, just downloaded one but when trying to open it wouldnt. Gave me: File Type: Unknown Description: Windows does not recognize this file type. Tried it trhough the theme and appearance bit but still not having it lol. Is this me thats the problem or the computer lol! Thanks for your help.
  11. Yeah, theres either 'Windows Classic' or 'My Current Theme', which both appear to be the same.
  12. My Dell laptop updated itself last night, when it went off it was running the normal Vista theme. When i started it this morning it had switched to a modified version of Windows Basic theme. Gone to the change theme screen but the Vista one is no longer there. Had a look on the dell site see if theres any drivers that i need to install but i'm not particularly sure about it. Here is how it looks. Can anyone help? Thanks, Adam.
  13. Oh my! I can see my desktop image changing very shortly! Looks awesome mate.
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