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  1. I think from memory there are only two drain points in that black tray, and they feed the tubes that go down inside the A pillars. If one of them is blocked or even partially blocked, enough water can sit in the tray and depending on the orientation of the vehicle it will spill over and make you think there's a leak from a mystery area. Clean, clean and clean again. I like the suggestion above but be sure you don't dislodge the tube from the tray as that will let water discharge straight onto the headlining and you'll know if it rains then! I've got a little drawer string thing used for electrician work and that's ok for cleaning too I find.
  2. Thanks for the replies, sorry I missed them, I'm in Surrey. What sealant needs removing?
  3. Sunroof!!!! I've had enough of water in the footwells but now I've got a top tip for keeping them dry. Open the doors and you will see a disc shaped cover as pictured. Remove the cover and get a hose to spray up into the little rubber outlet. This is the drain for the plastic tray your sunroof sits in and it's the favourite point of blockage. A spray from the hose should dislodge the accumulated debris. Do NOT pull the rubber out or you will have to drop the whole pipe down from the other end to get the rubber back on the end of it. It is do-able though so don't panic if you have pulled it off, it just means dropping the headlining. Next, open your sunroof and you can easily find the outlet if you look inside the plastic tray around the direction of the A pillar. Pour a small amount of water to ensure the pipe is now draining. If not, repeat the process above and give the rubber outlet a little, ahem, "finger". With some more water from above and enough interference, the dirt should come out. Hopefully this will do the trick if you're having problems.
  4. I would love some 'pop-out' windows - does anyone have a kit of parts for sale please?
  5. Thanks for the offers but I'm really only interested in the starlites.
  6. Don't suppose you still have the set of Starlite alloys and want to sell?

  7. We have decided to keep the Lupo (we had thought of trading it for an Up!) so I am back to wanting to smarten it up a bit. I always fancied the "starlite" alloys and so I want to buy yours! Thanks!
  8. On leaky sunroof issues this link may shed some light: http://forums.vwvort...ead.php?1909676 Also I tried to get VW UK to recognise my pedal box should be FOC to correct but they advised me to blow it out of my a*se.
  9. Our pedal box has gone at 55K miles, car was just under 8 years old but is now over...... RAC man showed me with his LED lamp and wrote it on a report. VW are useless w4nkers and refuse to address the issue, the dealership will give a small discount which VW will match, but it's still cheaper to go to a local smaller firm as we need other work done, and the whole bill is not worth the effort and stress I'm going through trying to sort it out. Everyone is so full of bull5hit it's untrue. There are much more important things in my life. VW is only going to fix your car if you've already wasted plenty of your cash on their overpriced servicing. Well, they can stick it. Next time you go in a VW dealership, have a good look around at the shiny buildings of glass and offices full of 'customer service' people. Who pays for that...?
  10. Hello Lupo people! Just introducing myself - thought I'd better say hello here, as I've just been cheeky enough to put my first post in the 'marketplace' section. Have just acquired, today, a black 1.0l SE of 2003 vintage. It's basically for use as a 'town car' runabout, and for my son to use when he turns 17. As you can imagine, he's a bit chuffed. So am I. I've had ownership of a polo 6n2, briefly & a couple of years ago, so climbing into the lupo felt quite familiar. It even smelled the same - a non-smoker car thank God! It needs some servicing up, but it's a good little drive. Bought it off a young teacher, so it's led a fairly quiet life it seems. My boy wants to start putting 'bits' on it - but he'll have to wait a year or so for any chance of that, and be prepared to put in some sponds for the insurance. At the moment it's all in the wife's name, so stock it will stay. But I'm really interested in getting it up to scratch and keeping it that way. I reckon it's a classic car for the future. I mean, VW replaced it with that 'fox' thing....wow...that has to be a notable enough reason to remember the car they 'forgot'. So, as girlies (and some fellas) do, the wife has named it 'Wolfie'. This is because, apparently, Lupo is the latin for wolf. (unless of course you know different) Cheers to all, Steve
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